Friday 28 November 2014

White dolphins of Taiji

Although albino dolphins are incredibly rare, sadly the Taiji killers have captured 3 in 2014.

Angel with her mother and pod

Angel in the Taiji whale museum

Little Angel was captured in January of 2014, the only white bottlenose dolphin in captivity was soon shipped to the Whale museum. Her photo story is here

On the 23rd November 2014 a small pod of Risso's dolphins were driven into the cove with another albino dolphin in the pod.

Albino Risso's dolphin with his/her mother

After many comments about the Japanese name given to this little dolphin, some of which are below,
 we decided to call this baby Hope. In hope that this will be brought to an end and they can continue to swim in freedom.

I dont like the name , they are not Japanese Dolphins , so can you ask us to vote for a name please Cove Guardians thank you

why are you giving them a japanese name? this is a slap in who caught them

A Japanese name for dolphin !!!! WE honor the dolphin they stole from ocean with a Japanese name. How about "soul light" meaning the special one this dolphin is rare and is an angel amoung many dolphins sent to us. Don't insult the dolphin with JAPANESE Name IT IS A dishonor.

I don't think u shud respect the Japanese enough to give that poor little baby a Japanese name!!! 

Change the name. It shouldn't have a name associated with the very culture that it has been kidnapped by.

 Shiro Iruka for Risso's dolphin is very starange and laughable to Japanese. Hire a professional translator.

 I think its an insult to give this baby a Japanese name when it was captured and will be in a Japanese prison for the rest of its life. Yes we are frustrated and human, it is just poor taste to give a Japanese name to a Japanese prisoner.

Ceta Base Just FYI, Taiji Whale Museum already has a Risso's dolphin named Shiro シロ  

 Pretty sure that 'Iruka Shiro' means Beluga in Japanese so maybe not such a good name?

'Shiro' is apparently a name commonly given to a dog?

There are many other comments all saying the same thing, but Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians didn't respond.  

This little dolphin  Hope and her pod mate friend who we named Cara are now also hidden in the whale museum

Hope and her friend Cara

The Taiji whale museum translation says

''Large parts of the body color in the flock of captured Risso's dolphin in November 23, 2014 , make sure that there are white Risso's dolphin , we began training in the hotel on the 27th .

This Risso's dolphin is a large part of the body is white , such as the black part occiput also seen , from that eye is also a normal black , albino is estimated that ( congenital albinism ) rather than white strange individual .

Future in the hotel , through the genetic information of the individual , we have a plan to carry out the investigation , such as differences between the albino individuals .

In addition, please note that currently we do not do therefore open to the public of this Risso's dolphin .

About Risso's dolphin white strange individual
Capture Date: November 23, 2014
Gender: Female
Body length : 240㎝
Body weight : about 180㎏

Risso's dolphin
English name : Risso's Dolphin
Scientific name : Grampus griseus

In growing even length is a little less than 4m , small whale of about body weight also 300㎏ ~ 600㎏ . And inhabit the sea of temperate and tropical , has been living in a herd of about 10 dolphins and 50 dolphins , in the Kumano is year-round observation . Squid is not only in the lower jaw teeth in the staple food , only grows fourteen at most .''

As they know the eyes are black and the pigmentation is not the same as in Angel, they know this dolphin is not a true Albino. 

On the 28th November 2014 another small pod of Risso's dolphins were driven in containing yet another white dolphin  although this time it doesn't seem to be a calf.
Again as the Japanese name was objected to we called this dolphin Snow(translation of Yuki)
Snow was also taken to the harbour pen

Snow was also taken to the Whale Museum.

Snow pictured in the Taiji Whale museum

The whale museum writes - 
 Hana Gondo that a whole body was white confirmed that I was this time and, from a pod of Hana Gondo captured on November 28, 2014, started training with our building from the evening of the same day.
Hana Gondo that most are white of the color of the body is found and started training with our building from 27th, but such Hana Gondo that it is unusual is found again in a short term and is surprised very much the other day.

In addition, this individual is supposed with a white strange individual not an albino (native achromasia) because eyes are normal black. I investigate differences with an individual and the albino individual carried in yesterday and continue being going to follow you up in future. くださ to understand because this Hana Gondo still less opens it to the public

Once again people have objected to the Japanese name of Yuki on the cove guardians page

he/she should not have a Japenese name , I really am fed up with you calling the 2 Albinos Japenese names , we should be allowed to vote for these poor babies names 

ENOUGH WITH THE JAPANESE NAMES ALREADY.... Name it something the rest of the world understands... It is time to stop doing this. You are making a lot of people upset.

As there are many new people who may be confused (although when Ric called the first Albino, Angel and Paul Watson a few days later ignored that and called her Shoujo, it didn't seem to cause confusion) but incase it does we will stick to the translation of Snow, Japanese people will still call her Yuki in their native tongue anyway.

       The three white Taiji dolphins, will never see their families or their ocean homes again

Albino causes.

Chimo who you can read about here was the only white orca to have been in captivity. Her colour was due to Chediak-Higashi Syndrome. She sadly died from this condition as it damages immune system cells, leaving them less able to fight off invaders such as viruses and bacteria.
 It is a rare autosomal recessive disorder that arises from a mutation of a lysosomal trafficking regulator protein, which leads to a decrease in phagocytosis. The decrease in phagocytosis results in recurrent pyogenic infections, partial albinism and peripheral neuropathy. It occurs in humans, cattle, blue Persian cats, Australian blue rats, mice, mink, foxes, and the only known captive white orca Chimo.

 Albinism  is relatively unusual: Scientists estimate that albinism in mammals occurs in about one of every 10,000 births. The condition is seen across a very wide range of species and is due to genetic defects that inhibit the production of melanin, or skin pigment.
Albinism is a condition that can affect all vertebrates. It is a congenital disorder (meaning it is inherited from the parents) and is characterised by the complete or partial absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. This pigmentation is called melanin and there are varying degrees of melanin expression in individuals. "True" albinism only occurs if both the parents carry the recessive gene for the condition and the offspring receives both copies of the recessive gene. Depending on the degree of albinism, the individual may have all or some of the following characteristics: white or pale skin (and hair), pink or red eye colouring and often, impaired vision and hearing.
 Amelanistic albinos lack melanin and are white with no markings and with unpigmented pink eyes.

Partial (blue-eyed) albinos have some residual pigmentation.

There are various degrees of patchy albinism (piebaldism) due to localised mutations in skin cells.

Temperature dependent albinos have residual colour on
cooler parts of the body i.e. Siamese cats where pigment develops on the head, tail and legs, but not on the warmer parts of the body.

Bluish-grey anerythristic albinos lack the red colour.

Axanthic albinos lack the yellow colour.

The actual colour and pattern of these animal depends on what other colours are in the pattern.

Tyrosinase-negative albinos lack tyrosinase (an enzyme which synthesises melanin) in their cells; this usually produces a pale yellowish or cream animal with pink-eyes.

The more common Tyrosinase Positive albino cannot
synthesise melanin, but can synthesise tyrosinase, giving a fawn or lavender (platinum) colour.

Leucism is often mistaken for albinism. Leucistic animals, such as white lions, are white or very pale, with dark eyes and some
pigmentation, for example ghost markings.

Chinchilla is sometimes mistaken for albinism, but is caused by a different mutation that affects the distribution of pigment on the hair shaft. White tigers are chinchilla.

As the Whale Museum has already established that Hope has dark eyes, so far only Angel is a true Albino.

Some animals can be white or lighter-coloured than usual but not be a "true albino".  Unlike albinos, they have dark coloured eyes and usually possess a few dark patches of skin, for example on the dorsal fin or around the eyes. This condition is called leucism, and occurs when the melanin is partially absent, meaning that it is expressed in some regions of the body but not others. Unlike albinism, it is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigment, not just melanin.
 Leucism (occasionally spelled leukism) is a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects in pigment cell differentiation and/or migration from the neural crest to skin, hair, or feathers during development. This results in either the entire surface (if all pigment cells fail to develop) or patches of body surface (if only a subset are defective) having a lack of cells capable of making pigment.

 The conditions can be seen in many animals but their distinction can be best seen in these below.

Albino hedgehog, total loss of colour, pink eyes.

Chediak-Higashi Syndrome gives a faded look to the coloration as seen in this calf.

leucism coloration is patchy rather than total. Eyes still have colour
 These creatures are very beautiful and the chances of catching 3 in a year is unheard of, yet the Taiji killers have done just that, it does raise a worrying question from the observations made below.

The incidence of albinism can be artificially increased in fish by exposing the eggs to heavy metals (e.g., arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury, selenium, zinc) and may occur in fry originating from crosses in which adult specimens have been exposed to heavy metals (Oliveira & Foresti, 1996).
 As we know that the dolphin meat is almost toxic waste because of the mercury content, it raises the question of whether the waters in the Pacific should be checked more thoroughly for heavy metal contamination as this could be a factor in the capture of 3 albino dolphins from roughly the same place off the Japanese coast.

What ever the cause these dolphins have now witnessed their families being slaughtered and they will be sentenced to a life of captivity never seeing or feeling their ocean homes again.

For those who are unaware of what happens in Taiji, you need to see this and educate yourself as this really must be stopped.

What the future holds for these dolphins we will have to wait and see, but for now the Taiji Whale Museum has them hidden from the outside world, so we can only watch and wait.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Kids Reject Blackfish - Really lol.

Kids Nationwide Reject the Blackfish Agenda


Well once again the FACTS are missing from this article by Eric Davis, which is usual to make something fit with the Seaworld PR agenda, so once again the links to the actual events are below. 

When a kid in Malibu, California forced the rest of her classmates to miss out on a day at SeaWorld because she was misled by Blackfish, it made national news.
Ever since that girl forced the radical agenda of animal rights groups like PETA, The Dodo and others, they have claimed that children are rejecting accredited zoological organizations in favor of a debunked documentary. Linking back to your own website isn't evidence is it, that was debunked too here

The girl that Eric accuses of ''forcing a radical agenda'' is 10 YEARS OLD. Outrageous really that Awesome Ocean would think it is alright to say a 10 year old was forcing such an agenda, when the actual article with the Principal says -

''The overnight trip to SeaWorld has been a tradition for fifth-graders at Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School in Malibu, California, for at least a decade, according to Principal Rebecca Johnson, but concerns from parents and students including one determined 10-year-old prompted a decision to go elsewhere on this year's trip.

Although Johnson mostly credited parents for influencing the change, several parents CNN spoke with said 10-year-old Kirra Kotler played a major role in the decision.''
The full article is here 

Lets hope  Kirra doesn't read what Eric Davis says about her due to her young age, guess no one not even a child is entitled to an opinion different to that of Seaworld's!!

However, we are learning this isn't the case, and in fact quite the opposite is happening nationwide!
Children of all ages are rejecting the radical agenda being shoved in their faces and asking for alternatives. Not only are they analyzing the source material the school is presenting to them, they're demanding they be allowed to think critically by hearing both sides of the issue, which is a victory for anyone interested in education.
Hearing both sides of the story is a fantastic way of teaching the kids of today, schools will look up official documents and check all their information as that is what schools do. It certai ly will be an education as they will see Seaworld for exactly what they are which is what happened to most of the people who oppose Seaworld now. They will see that those who write blogs trying to support Seaworld pass the blame ON Blackfish or onto PETA, but the bottom line is PETA don't have captive orcas in tanks do they? Seaworld DO. Children have very inquiring minds and the penny will drop with them the same as it did with all of us that Seaworld are actually using PETA as the distraction as people don't like their kill policy, but at the end of the day their kill policy has nothing to do with why people protest Seaworld no matter how much the support pages like this one bang on about it .

Here we have a few stories of kids who are standing up to radical activists and demanding that they hear the full story and learn the truth:

Bear in mind the sentence above says ''kids who are standing up to radical activists'' when this article is about a 10 year old girl. 
I would be ashamed to label a child as a radical activist but Eric Davis and Awesome Ocean don't care who they call in their desperate attempt to try to make Seaworld seem relevant. It is shameful.

Austin and Goliath in San Antonio, Texas

When one of Austin's teachers announced that they would be required to watch Blackfish in school, Austin stood up and demanded that they allow a SeaWorld trainer from SeaWorld San Antonio to come in afterwards to comment about the film.
The teacher responded, "We don't have time for that." Austin quickly countered, "Then we don't have time for Blackfish." The teacher agreed and the class was spared 80 minutes of out-of-context YouTube clips and propaganda.

Chris Brings Keiko to Texas

When Chris learned about the new book "Killing Keiko" by Mark Simmons, he went straight to his school's library. When he found out it wasn't available, but other radical animal rights books were, he kindly asked if "Killing Keiko" could be included. The librarians happily agreed and ordered the book. It is now available to all the students at his high school.

Christophers photograph removed at his request, (see comments below)  still visible in the Awesome Ocean article. 

We have begun to learn that students in Florida, California, Idaho, Utah, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and more are all requesting that their libraries stock Killing Keiko.

Stocking it and believing it are still 2 different things. Children will know there are many articles about Keiko which they can check and compare against as I did here.

Nikki vs. The Debate Team in New York, New York

 Nikki hasn't asked for her photograph to be removed but I removed it anyway it is still visible on the Awesome Ocean original article.

When Nikki learned that her debate team would have to debate "Pro: SeaWorld should be closed" she had to fight other class members to represent the "Con" which was to defend SeaWorld in the debate. After days of research and preparation, she ended the debate convincing numerous audience members from the rival school that SeaWorld does incredible good in the world and should NOT be closed!
These 3 stories are just the tip of the iceberg. There has been so much interest in SeaWorld's real story that SeaWorld has been piloting an education program that would allow their trainers to virtually talk with any classroom about the amazing animal care their animals receive.
It is a new era and children around the country are demanding that they get to hear both sides and learn the truth!

From the looks of some of the articles from Children and teens that Eric has chosen to miss from this biased article yet again, Children are indeed learning and hearing both sides in order to make a decision.

The newest child to speak out is 13-year-old student Phoebe Goldstein.
But this year at Alexander Dawson School in Lafayette, the itinerary was questioned by 13-year-old student Phoebe Goldstein. Every spring the school offers a variety of educational trips to both domestic and international destinations. This year, one option was going to San Diego to study species diversity with a stop at SeaWorld. As an animal activist, Phoebe was vehemently against supporting SeaWorld and made it her mission to eliminate that excursion. Officials at the school took notice, and worked with Phoebe, ultimately deciding to remove the outing. Full link here

Teen link writes an article about The Prisoners of Seaworld  

 13-year-old Max Guinn challenged Seaworld to a debate. Four years ago, he and his mother co-founded Kids Eco Club, which has helped start environmental groups in more than 100 local schools -- reaching 20,000 students.

Students ask Seaworld a lot of questions they want answering after watching Blackfish 
"Dear SeaWorld, thank you for all your amazing memories,” a young woman begins. "The Shamu show…" says another student. "Dolphin point…" another says. One student thanks SeaWorld for "all the cute, cuddly teddy bears."
Then narrative takes a big turn.
A student explains that, "after watching the documentary Blackfish on CNN..." then another student picks up the line "…all of those memories have been totally cheapened."
Then come the hard-hitting questions.
"Is it true the orcas in your exhibits were kidnapped from their families?" asks one student. (The film’s star orca, Tilikum, who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in February 2010 at the Orlando park, was snatched from his mother’s side in the waters off Iceland in 1983. In the subsequent 30 years, the 12,000-pound marine mammal has sired 54% of SeaWorld’s current orcas.)
"Is it true their lifespan is shortened in captivity?" asks another student. (Annual mortality rates for captive orcas are two and a half times higher than for wild whales).
"Is it true that there have been multiple attacks on trainers in your parks?" yet another asks. (The answer is a resounding yes, and will be the subject of oral arguments in federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. on November 12).
"Until these questions are answered,” the students continue, "there will be no more admission tickets... no more rides... no more teddy bears."

Times of San Diego report 
Bethany Fullerton of San Diego, a 15-year-old sophomore activist against SeaWorld, is a finalist for 2014 Cutest Vegan Alive.  

Zach Affolter was bullied being called a punk amongst other things by Kogo for asking his school board to cancel trips to Seaworld . Much like Eric Davis had done here with this 10 year old girl, calling her names too.

Parents speak out against Seaworld

Rose McCoy  aged 12 The seventh-grade honors student was arrested at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 1 after darting in front of a SeaWorld float 

Rose doesn’t plan to stop fighting for killer whales. She and her classmates at the Clinton School for Writers and Artists in Chelsea have formed the school’s first animal-rights club and plan to spread awareness of “Blackfish.”

In 2012 A judge ruled against Seaworld form
''The Florida Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that parents can't waive liability if their kids get injured in these activities, but still places like SeaWorld won't take our kids unless we sign the documents. Fortunately judges seem to understand that a parent does not send her child to SeaWorld in the expectation she may never see her again.''

There are many many children out there against Seaworld who are NOT radical activists and don't deserve to be called as such. It is about time Eric Davis, Awesome Ocean, Stand with Seaworld, Seaworld Podcast and Seaworld themselves realised that people have strong opinions and reasons to not advocate for Seaworld anymore and calling them names in any form whether children or adult is not called for, nor does the Seaworld PR machine any favours what so ever. 

Seaworld and the social media sites above chose not to engage with those people, block them, delete comments,  not to answer those children and to resort to name calling as a means of defence. Regardless how much they try to deflect the attention onto another organisation those focused on doing the right thing for those orcas know that they protest because of Seaworld themselves, not because of PETA or Blackfish but because of Seaworld and the quicker those who resort to calling a child like this realise that the better it will be all round.

Friday 21 November 2014

Incident Numbers at Parks who have held Killer Whales

 Incidents between orcas and trainers since the parks opened make one park stand out as having a problem.
4 people have died and they are all from the same park and their orcas.
It is also interesting that Loro Parque holds Seaworld's orcas and is the newest park to open. Since its opening in 2006, it has already had 4 incidents and one death caused by Keto a born and bred Seaworld orca.

Of 138 recorded incidents across the parks, 95 have happened at Seaworld.

Seaworld supporters and Seaworld often say that it is nothing as there have been thousands of interactions but, there have also been thousands of interactions at the other parks and from those who are still open, Kamogawa have only had  2 incidents and still do waterworks and Marineland Antibes have only had 4 incidents. Neither of those parks have had any deaths due to orca interactions either.

Seaworld also state that they have happy contented orcas living idyllic lives, but the figures below show a different story. It seems a strange coincidence, that Kamogawa has a matraline of Icelandic orcas, with Stella as the matriarch all naturally bred.  Antibes also has Icelandic orcas with Freya as the matriarch, all barring the last being naturally bred,  none have been separated from their mothers, none have been mixed as a fake family unable to make a bond before being moved again, and none are hybrid mixes.
Maybe Seaworld moving orcas around the parks, separating mothers from their offspring, AIing young orcas and creating hybrid mixes with no conservation value what so ever needs looking into more in depth as there is some reason for the attack rate being so high at Seaworld and maybe the way they have been with their orcas is the reason, and as apex predators, their orcas are protesting in the only way an apex predator knows how.

Dudley Zoo, England                                 1971-1974                         1
Flamingo Park, England                             1968-1971                         1
Hafnarfjordur Aquarium, Iceland                1979-1989                         1
Kamogawa Sea World, Japan                     1970-                                2
Loro Parque Tenerife, Spain                       2006-                                4   1 death
Marine World California / Six Flags Vallejo, USA 1968-                       5
Marineland Antibes, France                        1969-                                4
Marineland of the Pacific, USA                  1961; 1967-1987                3
Marineland Ontario, Canada                       1971-                                2
Miami Seaquarium, USA                           1968-                                 7
Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan  1978-2005                          1
New York Aquarium, USA                        1968                                  1
Port of Nagoya Aquarium, Japan               2003-                                 1
Reino Aventura, Mexico                           1985-1996                           2
Sealand of the Pacific, Canada                  1968-1992                          4   1 death
Seattle Aquarium, USA                             1965-1977                          1
SeaWorld San Diego, USA                       1965-                                55
SeaWorld Orlando, USA                          1973-                                18   2 deaths
SeaWorld Ohio, USA                               1970-2001                          1
SeaWorld San Antonio, USA                    1988-                               14
SeaWorld unspecified park, USA     -                                                 3
Seven Seas Texas, USA                          1971-1972                           2
unknown     -                                                                                     1
Vancouver Aquarium, USA                      1964-2001                          3
Windsor Safari Park, England                  1970-1991                           1

The autopsy reports for the 4 people killed by orcas in the tanks also show a different story to those given, especially that of Daniel Dukes, which shows he did not die of hypothermia, he had more pre death injuries than post death and there were no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Keltie Byrne killed by Tilikum, Haida 2 and Nootka 

Daniel Dukes killed by Tilikum

Alexis Martinez killed by Keto     Dawn Brancheau killed by Tilikum

                                                          Alexis Martinez report

                                                   Dawn Brancheau autopsy report

Something is wrong with keeping orcas in captivity, they can't speak for themselves, they can only show people in the only way they know how. It is time to empty the tanks as they can't speak any louder than they are doing and the figures above prove that theory.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Where did the Wild Caught Icelandic Orcas go?

Orca                         date caught                    age                          where to          time in captivity

Kim                            25.10.1976                    5               Marineland Antibes                5.5yrs
Keanu                        25.10.1976                     1                    Seaworld                         15 yrs
Gudrun                      25.10.1976                less than 1           Seaworld                         19 yrs

Magnus                     10.12.1977                    1                     Harderwijk                       2 months
Canuck 2                   10.12.1977                    2                     Seaworld                           4 yrs
Kona 2                      10.12.1977                    1                     Seaworld                           10 yrs
Kandu 5                    10.12.1977                    3                     Seaworld                           12 yrs
Hoi Wai                     10.12.1977               less than 1            Ocean Park                       19 years
Winnie                       10.12.1977               less than 1            Seaworld                          24 yrs

No name                   26.10.1978                    1                      Saedyrasafnid                     2 months
Shawn                      26.10.1978                    1                      Seaworld                            1 yr
Betty                        26.10.1978                    3                      Antibes                               9 yrs
Kahana                     26.10.1978                    1                      Seaworld                            12 yrs
Kotar                        26.10.1978              less than 1              Seaworld                            16 yrs
Katina                       26.10.1978                    2                      Seaworld
Kasatka                    26.10.1978                    1                      Seaworld

no name                        11.1978                    1                       Saedyrasafnid                     3 months

Dzul-ha                         07.1979                    1                      Aquarama on Parade            4 yrs

Kiska                            10.1979                   3                        Marineland
no name                        11.1979                    3                     Marineland Ontario                3 months
King                              11.1979             less than 1               Kamogawa                           4 yrs
Caren                            11.1979                    2                      Kamogawa                           7 yrs

Benkei 2                        10/1980             less than 1              Nanki Shirahama                   2.5 yrs
Finna                       19.11.1980                   3                        Vancouver                           17 yrs
Vigga                       19.11.1980                   1                        Marine World                      19 yrs
Bjossa                     19.11.1980                   3                        Seaworld                             21 yrs
Ulises                      19.11.1980                   3                        Seaworld

no name                       10.1981                   4                        Marineland                            ?
no name                       10.1981             less than 1                Clacton Pier                         2 months
Neptune                       10.1981                   4                        Clacton Pier                         1 yr
Nemo                           10.1981            less than 1                 Windsor                              5 yrs
Ruka                            10.1981                  2                         Nanki Shirahama                 18 yrs
Nootka 5                      10.1981                  2                         Marineland                          26 yrs

no name                       10.1982                  1                         Sealand Victoria,                  8 months
Nootka 4                      10.1982                  3                         Seaworld                             12 yrs
Haida 2                        10.1982             less than 1                Seaworld                              19 yrs
Kim 2                           10.1982            less than 1                 Antibes                                 23 yrs
Freya                            10/1982                 1                         Antibes

Tilikum                      9.11.1983                 2                         Seaworld

Nandu                     14.11.1983                 2                          Acuarama Sao Paulo             4 yrs
Samoa                     14.11.1983                 3                         Seaworld                               8 yrs

no name                       11.1984                 4                         Saedyrasafnid                        2 months
Freyja / Patty                11.1984                 2                         Kamogawa                            3 yrs
Junior                           11.1984                 2                         Marineland                            9 yrs
Kandu 7                       11.1984                 6                         Marineland                           21 yrs
Bingo                           11.1984                 2                         Kamogawa                           29 yrs

Prince                          10.1987                 3                         Ocean Park                           4 yrs
Maggie                         10.1987                3                         Kamogawa                            10 yrs
Oscar                          10.1987                 1                         Kamogawa                            25 yrs
Stella                           10.1987                 1                         Kamogawa

Ai                                10.1989                 1-2                     Nanki Shirahama                     6 yrs
Tanouk                        10.1989                  3                       Izu-Mito Sea Paradise            11 yrs
Ran                             10.1989                 1-2                      Nanki Shirahama                   15 yrs
Sharkan                       10.1989                  4                       Antibes                                  19 yrs 

Seaworld took 18
Antibes took 5
Ocean Park Hong Kong took 2
Kamogawa took 7
Nanki Shirahama took 4
Izu Mito Sea Paradise1
UK took 3
Marineland took 6
Acquarama took 1
Vancouver took 1
Marineworld took 1
Sealand took 1

Harderwijk   Saedyrasafnid had 4 babies die, they can't count as took into the entertainment industry as both places were holding facilities.

54 were taken from Icelandic waters and only 7 are still alive.

There is much debate too regarding this video and the identity of the orcas in the pictures.

As you can see from the stills, there seems to be 2 relatively similar size and age, 1 a little smaller and one very much smaller. 
none particular standing out as larger than the others

2 to the right seem pretty much similar size with the left much smaller

you can see from this angle the middle orca is very much smaller.
Presuming that these were all captured together, as we only see one being lowered into the tank. The options of who there are from the capture data above is.

Kiska                            10.1979                   3                        Marineland
no name                        11.1979                    3                     Marineland Ontario                3 months
King                              11.1979             less than 1               Kamogawa                           4 yrs
Caren                            11.1979                    2                      Kamogawa                           7 yrs

Finna                       19.11.1980                   3                        Vancouver                           17 yrs
Vigga                       19.11.1980                   1                        Marine World                      19 yrs
Bjossa                     19.11.1980                   3                        Vancouver/Seaworld            21 yrs
Ulises                      19.11.1980                   3                        Seaworld
Prince                          10.1987                 3                         Ocean Park                           4 yrs
Maggie                         10.1987                3                         Kamogawa                            10 yrs
Oscar                          10.1987                 1                         Kamogawa                            25 yrs
Stella                           10.1987                 1                         Kamogawa
Ai                                10.1989                 1-2                     Nanki Shirahama                     6 yrs
Tanouk                        10.1989                  3                       Izu-Mito Sea Paradise            11 yrs
Ran                             10.1989                 1-2                      Nanki Shirahama                   15 yrs
Sharkan                       10.1989                  4                       Antibes                                  19 yrs 

In my opinion the last 2 groups can be ruled out as Sharkan was 4, Tanouk 3 and Ai and Ran 1-2, in that group there are 3 similar size and 1 smaller orca.

Same with the third group it would be 2 small.

Group 2 where Vigga is the small orca or group 1 where King is the small orca.

I came across this picture

left to right Bjossa, Finna, Benkei 2, Vigga

Benkei 2 was captured 1 month previously to the other 4 and was also under 1, you can see the size difference in the picture above. This is them arriving at Vancouver Aquarium.

The Aquarium only wanted 2 orca keeping Finna and Bjossa, Vigga was sold to Marineland Africa (Six Flags) in 1981 to be a companion for Yaka and Benkei 2 was sold to
Nanki Shirahama. As we all know Ulises wouldn't have come into it as he went round quite a few parks before finally arriving at Seaworld.

I think the orca being lowered into the pool is Ulises, and the 4 out on the slide out are Bjossa, Finna, Benkei 2 and Vigga being prepared for their flight to Vancouver. 

 What do you think, leave me a comment?   

With regards to Seaworld, they need to be honest and own what happened in Iceland as people like this will keep coming forward and they are the only facility in the world to take orcas in double figures out of the Icelandic population and they still have 4 in their tanks waiting to go one of 2 ways, either home so they can feel the ocean one again, but still receive human care or on the back of a flat bed. Which will it be Seaworld?