Sunday 3 May 2015

Lies proved in Tilikum's own animal profile

Once again it comes to light that Seaworld are not exactly honest with the things they put in print.

How can anyone call ex trainers liars when they have access to documents like Tilikum's own animal profile, which is full on untruths.

The first half

Accidental drowning in 1991? Really?  Keltie Byrnes Coroners Inquest shows she was repeatedly dunked by the whales and they also refused to let her leave the pool or allow anyone in to retrieve her, she had to be hauled out by a weighted net dragging the pool.
Accident? No not really.

7.6.1999 Drowning - no specific behaviour noted.
That isn't true is it as Daniel Dukes medical examiners report shows both pre and post mortem injuries, including having his scrotum ripped off pre death. Do you think he didn't scream or shout out when that happened? 
Then there is the law suit filed by his parents which states Daniel Dukes had injuries to his legs and ankles consistent with him being pulled into the pool.

the only truth in that part of his profile is ''no behaviour noted'' as it seems it wasn't noted although the evidence does show it DID happen!

2.24 2010 Grabbed pony tail, held trainer underwater, carry/tow trainer

We all know full well from the massive coverage and court report itself that this is far from what happened on that dreadful day.
The injuries listed in Dawn Brancheau's autopsy report smash this part of the file to bits.

The frightening part of this section of Tilikum's profile is that this is Seaworld's OWN animal profile and as a trainer reading their version, would you think Tilikum was a danger? Would you know the things he did to those poor people? Would you still believe the ponytail theory as even though it was proven in court  not to be a pony tail it still says it here?

On to the summary - 

During times of frustration due to social stress in the environment, Tilikum has exhibited aggressive behaviour which includes LUNGING at control trainer.

This is the Believe show minutes before Dawn's death as you can see there is definitely social stress in the environment, they are definitely deep fast swims, so much so that the trainers abandoned the stage and one orca was taken up out of the water.  Doesn't get much more stressful that this as the trainers showed by their absence. They yet again repeat that Tilikums's involvement in the death of  Daniel Dukes was not known.  If I can find the medical examiners report surely they can too!!

That horrible day eye witness account of Dawn's rescue

Next paragraph - he displays possessive behaviour not only with things in his pool but also with other whales, especially Taima. Does that tell you he doesnt want her taking away? Sadly he had no choice when she died.

Next paragraph - We utilise his relationship with Taku and recently Trua. Tilikum has been successful in solo semen collection since that time. So that is the real reason he is in with Trua, do you ever hear Seaworld give that as the reason??

As for this ridiculous video which states why Seaworld give their orcas gelatin

Tilikums own profile shows he is given 10 gallons of gelatin to increase his hydration levels. He is also trained on a stomach tube for hydration as well as trained to drink water from a cup.

If he was wild would he do any of those things? No of course he wouldn't as he would get all his fluids from the fish he caught, so despite Seaworld's claims that the fish is restaurant quality, it is still dead, and still lacking the fluids he needs to survive.

Would you want to be fed an un natural diet of gelatin?

Gelatine is made from pig skin, cow skin, and the bones of both animals! Gross, isn't it? He is a fish eating orca as they all are, not a skin and bone eater, and he is given 10 gallons of this every day!!

The last paragraph shows why he is at Seaworld. He has fathered 12 calves and only had contact with one of them in 2007. How sad is that, its not Tilikum Seaworld want,  its his sperm.

Is this the life he was born to have?
Is this the life we should have given him?

Is there any wonder he behaves like he does, and what hope has he got? 
NONE what so ever.
He will never see his family again, never swim in the ocean he was stolen from, and yes he was stolen against his will, he has been made into something totally un natural -  masturbation, separation, fear, tubes for hydration, fed an un natural diet of bones and skin, toothless, fin bent over,  and yet Seaworld still maintain they thrive in that environment.

How will he leave his tank prison - only death releases those poor creatures, Seaworld know it, we know it and deep down the fans know it and should be ashamed of themselves for defending this as a good life for a mater of the ocean.

What an absolute joke and what a tragedy for all the orcas in their care and all the fans they have lied to who look no further than Seaworld themselves for the proof.


  1. Please fix the grammatical errors in this story.

  2. He is a transient type orca, not a fish eating resident.

    1. There was much debate about that, I have another article looking into it, he was caught following the herring fleet, which points more towards him not being a transient.

    2. Tilikum is a North Atlantic / Icelandic orca, not a transient.

  3. Besides he is not given pig and cow bones and skin. The gelatin is made out of non sugar, non flavor gelatin made with ice cubes, water, and non effecting coloring seem liking to the whales. Since killer whales are very smart, they are very picky with colors or toys.