Friday 10 October 2014

Attack Seaworld Rescue - Really Awesome Ocean

Once again Awesome OCean excel themselves with putting their own perspective of something into print and the Stand with Seaworld sheep follow along without even reading the article.

It really is ridiculous that Awesome Ocean seem to always stoop to the depths to try to deflect from something that was making a valid point. So lets take it apart again. 

 Desperation: Activists Attack SeaWorld Rescue Programs


It's as basic as the "do not drink" warning on a bottle of bleach these days - never accept something at face value that you find on the Internet.

Exactly, including something written by Awesome ocean!! 

Yet, we run across articles like this on a daily basis.
The website hit a new low by running an "article" entitled, "Are SeaWorld's Rescue and Rehab Programs All They're Cracked Up to Be?"

It's just so mind-blowingly asinine that we had to point it out.
That is your opinion, once you read it properly you see that isn't the case it is simply stating FACT

The captivity debate aside, how could anyone attack an animal rescue program, let alone one that is a global leader in not only rescuing animals, but bringing them back to health and setting them free?
You can't put the captivity debate aside as this is what the article is about. Are you selective reading again??

You would have to be a major expert in the field. Or a complete know-nothing.
Guess which category the author falls into? According to whom?

In what can only be described as desperation, this website thought it would be totally awesome to attack their amazing rescue, rehab and release programs Read through the article properly before spouting your opinion the one paragraph below shows that is certainly not what it is about.

Just looking at this article from a journalistic standpoint, there is a giant red flag that must be addressed.
It most certainly is it was waving like crazy when I read your article.

The EXACT paragraph reads 
 A total of over 22,000 injured or ill marine animals have been rescued and released by SeaWorld’s rescue programs (the equivalent of one animal per day over a time span of 45 years). In 2012, SeaWorld contributed more than $2.5 million toward wildlife conservation initiatives.
Last year, their main funding body, SeaWorld / Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, donated over $1.2 million to wildlife protection initiatives throughout the world.
They also claim to support more than 100 environmental organisations worldwide, including the National Wildlife Federation, WWF, and The Nature Conservancy.
Other notable achievements by the Fund include a collaboration with the Audubon Centre for Birds of Prey on a successful Raptor Rescue and Rehabilitation project, and an evaluation of human-elephant conflict in Amboseli, Kenya.
The relevant point is below and one I ask over and over again, what do rescues have to do with those captive cataceans??
However laudable these efforts may be, the central question remains: why is it necessary for SeaWorld to engage in the exploitation of Tilikum and other orcas and dolphins, when a large variety of non-profit organizations have proven that rescue and rehabilitation schemes can be carried out successfully without recourse to lavish performances?

 What does Awesome Ocean do in their typical style, -  start name calling the writer, rather than look at the actual content sadly the diversion doesn't work here.
 The author is a theatre practitioner. She has no background in science, marine biology or animal rescue. What she is, is unsurprising - a self-proclaimed "vegan activist".
A real authority on saving the lives of marine animals.

 She claims that SeaWorld has "done little to demonstrate that they are all that concerned about the plight of cetaceans in captivity - except where profits are concerned."See how can you put the captivity debate to one side?
Which, despite being demonstrably false, has nothing to do with rescue.
I do believe that is the whole point of the article, rescues have NOTHING to do with those captives!

The more than 23,000 injured or ill marine animals that have been rescued by SeaWorld should speak for itself, but to some misguided people, facts don't matter.
You answered your own point above, no one protests rescues why would they??

That's okay, we'll keep going.

SeaWorld has contributed millions of dollars to wildlife protection initiatives on a global scale, supported more than 100 environmental organizations, and has recently pledged $10 million to saving the Southern Right Killer Whales. On top of their direct action rescue program.
They wrote that in the paragraph above and provide links back to Seaworld, so your point is? 

In addition, the recently announced "Blue World Project" is the first environment of its kind in the world. They are partnering with world leaders in science and research and SeaWorld is globally recognized by actual experts, as a leader in their field.
What actual experts? Name them

But even when faced with overwhelming evidence and facts that SeaWorld is a force for good, activists continue to try to take down one of the world's best marine institutions.
Rescues and those captives are totally separate issues, whilst there are captives in those tanks for circus type shows they are not a force for good. The overwhelming evidence is that Seaworld have every intention of continuing the circus!
They actually stoop to attacking rescue efforts.
Where in the whole article have they actually attacked the rescue efforts?  

They mention Morgan and the fact that  SeaWorld began listing her as one of its corporate ‘assets.’before the court decided she was not to be released. Explain how that came about, how did a 'rescued' orca in the Netherlands end up on Seaworld's inventory?

They also state - SeaWorld supporters might maintain that the continued captivity of their orcas, dolphins, and other marine mammals is a necessary sacrifice to support the greater goal of their rescue operations. But as support for cetacean captivity continues to decline – leading customers to turn away from SeaWorld in droves – it may soon cease to be viable to continue with their dolphin and whale shows for the sake of supporting “rescue” efforts.  
To add to that how can other Marine Mammal Rescue centres, rescue the same amount of animals,  produce more research papers that Seaworld and yet still have no captives or circus act shows?  Why is it only essential to Seaworld? 

Organizations like PETA and the HSUS serve as a "home-base" to activists leading the smear campaign against SeaWorld. But nobody mentions the despicable practices of PETA and the HSUS as they literally and figuratively rob you of your hard-earned money. Lets see below

Unlike the author of this piece, we can point to facts like HSUS gives less than 1% of its donations to actually helping animals. And most of PETA's funds are used for idiot stunts like this.
They couldn't care less about the animals they claim to empathize with.  
Your links are to your own site lol,  why didn't you provide their own web links, but it doesn't matter I have done it for you below?

I personally don't donate to either but for justification as Awesome Ocean seem obsessed with PETA and HSUS and think every single person who protests Seaworld must be an affiliate of theirs in some way, lets see what their money does get spent on. 
HSUS 2013 Achievements

  • After a three-year HSUS campaign to end bear baying, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources ends the cruel hunting practice
  •  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission bans the import of deer and elk to stock unsporting captive hunts.
  •  Arkansas enacts a law to ban the private possession of great apes and other monkeys.
  • The L.A. Unified School district –serving 650,000 meals a day – joins the Meatless Monday campaign, going 100% meat-free every Monday.
  •  We successfully petition USDA to stop the slaughter of downer veal calves too sick, weak, or tired to even stand up.
  •  Every leading Canadian retailer makes joint announcement opposing gestation crates, taking our work for farm animals to new heights.
  •  FTC enforces action against Neiman Marcus, two other retailers for misrepresenting fur to consumers by advertising it as faux.
  •  Investigation finds popular New York department store Century 21 sold Marc Jacobs, other fur garments as faux.
  •  We educate more than 830 future fashion designers at 35+ schools nationwide on the cruel and unnecessary use of fur in fashion.
  • Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to protect bobcats around Joshua Tree National Park, and restrict the trapping of bobcats for fur.
  •  As a result of an undercover HSUS investigation, the USDA revokes the license from a Mississippi roadside zoo.
  •  We equipped 250+ communities with the tools to coexist with wildlife and aided more than 2,500 backyard animals in the D.C. area
  • We humanely solve a pigeon problem in Hawaii with a contraceptive-laced food, decreasing pigeon population by 60% in one year.
  •  Pets for Life spays or neuters 6,151 dogs and cats in under-served communities; provides vaccinations, food for 11,520 more.
  • Last gas chambers used for euthanasia in Miss. and SC close, eliminated more in Kansas and NC, and passed a ban in Texas.
  •  11 animal fighting rewards paid out, driving the rescue of hundreds of animals and more than 135 arrests.
  • We’ve provided 57,000+ animals with direct care, including rescuing more than 2,100 from cruelty, fighting, and puppy mills.
  • USDA extends federal oversight to online puppy sellers after hearing from more than 350,000 HSUS members and other animal advocates.
  •  We conduct two investigations of puppy mill outlets, linking pet stores and flea markets to cruel puppy mills.
  •  Taiwan makes history by banning the trade in marine mammal products, including seal skins.
  •  The World Trade Organization upholds the EU trade ban on cruel products of commercial seal slaughter.
  •  More than 6,500 businesses and 800,000 individuals have pledged to help save seals by avoiding Canadian seafood.
  •  Historic legislation passes, requiring Calif. hunters to use non-lead ammunition to stop the incidental poisoning of animals, people.
  •  The HSUS, USFWS, and state agencies investigate illegal Internet wildlife trafficking, leading to 33 written arrests and 40 warnings.
  •  After working with us, more than 60 major companies commit to phasing out the use of cruel pig crates in their supply chains.
  • Our 2009 undercover investigation at Wyoming Premium Farms results in animal cruelty convictions this year for eight workers.
  •  A federal court temporarily halts USDA inspection of horse slaughter plants, preventing slaughterhouses from opening in U.S.
  • The PAST Act was introduced to Congress to stop cruel “soring” – abusing horses to force an unnaturally high step for competition.
  •  Assisted by a 5-year $760,000 grant, “The Platero Project” protects burros managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
  •  Three state bills passed to prohibit the sale and trade of shark fins in Delaware, Maryland, and New York.
  •  The National Marine Fisheries Service announces plan to extend rule requiring ships to slow where critically endangered right whales congregate.
  •  NIH will retire chimps to sanctuaries, FWS proposes listing them as endangered, and Congress will keep funding chimp sanctuaries.
  •  27,000+ votes tallied in the Chimp Art Contest judged by Dr. Jane Goodall, supporting chimps and the sanctuaries caring for them.
  •  The importation of wild boars for canned hunts becomes illegal in Vermont and New York.
  •  227 gopher tortoises in danger of being buried alive rescued and relocated from a development site in Florida.
  •  Caribou Coffee brews compassion, incorporates cage-free eggs into its products.
  • All 11 dangerous ag-gag laws introduced across the U.S. are defeated, a win for animals and the public’s right to know.
  •  Be Cruelty Free pledge to say ‘no’ to cosmetics animal testing in the United States and worldwide tops 70,000 signatures.
  •  Investigation finds six dogs sold to Georgia Regents University by a Class B dealer were subjected to cruel dental experiments and killed.
  •  China, India, and the EU, three of the largest economies in the world after the US, take actions against cosmetic testing.
  • Black sea bass traps, which can snare right whale mothers and newborns in their calving grounds, are banned in Florida.
  •  Dolphin-safe tuna labeling standards are upheld, expanded to all oceans with tuna fisheries and countries seeking to import tuna.
  • After almost 82,000 people spoke out against the import of wild-caught belugas from Russia, NOAA denies the import permit.
 Have you signed any of the above or would you rather those animals die because it is HSUS?

Activists are so desperate that they have resorted to attacking the people and organizations that actually save animals, and that is sad. They would rather the animals die than be aided by humans.
That is exactly what I thought, you are so desperate to attack people and organizations that have proven to save animals,  I did this counter argument as you are so blinded by what you believe HSUS has done to Seaworld you desperately resort to attacking them to try to deflect an article which points out a valid point against Seaworld.  

Don't think the catchphrase "rather dead than fed" appeared out of thin air
That is something Mark Simmons says they said, can you prove that they said that? 

Shall we move on to PETA?

 PETA's success's are 64 pages long so far to many to list, but you can view them all here  
Their current campaigns and probably the reason why people like yourself  like to slate them so much are


8 Reasons Not to Let Nature Run Its Course (GRAPHIC)

Most of the kittens born this summer won’t even survive six months.

SeaWorld of Hurt

SeaWorld enslaves and confines animals to small tanks at marine parks around the country, where they are forced to perform unnecessary tricks for “entertainment.”

Whose Skin Are You In?

Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry—all in the name of fashion.

Never Be Silent

Animals can’t ask for the pain to stop, so they need you to speak out against their abuse and exploitation. Find your voice.

Air Cruelty

Every year, more than ten thousand nonhuman primates are transported to the U.S. to be imprisoned in laboratories and tormented in experiments.

Iams Cruelty

For years, PETA has pressed Iams to stop conducting and funding experiments on animals and to adopt 100 percent humane testing methods.

McCruelty: I’m Hatin It

In the slaughterhouses of McDonald’s U.S. and Canadian chicken suppliers, birds have their throats cut while they are still conscious.

Ringling Bros. Beats Animals

In the Ringling Bros. circus, elephants are beaten, hit, poked, prodded, and jabbed with sharp hooks, sometimes until they are bloody.

Military Trauma Training ©

Military Trauma Training

Thousands of healthy animals are used by the military for trauma and chemical casualty training exercises every year.

Canada’s Shame

During Canada’s annual war on seals, hundreds of thousands of seals are slaughtered for their skin.


Homelessness is not just a human problem. U.S. animal shelters are taking in more than 7 million unwanted dogs and cats every year.

Bloody Burberry

Burberry may be best known for its distinctive plaid, but its use of real fur is making the design house synonymous with cruelty to animals.

PetSmart Cruelty

PetSmart may be smart about making money, but it’s clueless when it comes to taking proper care of the animals.

Kentucky Fried Cruelty

Every year, approximately 850 million chickens are tortured and killed for KFC’s restaurants.

Did you sign any of the above, or would you rather those animals die because it is PETA? 

 The author has no facts, no focus and no point - except to attack one of the most reliable marine animals rescue programs in the world.
How can there be no facts? Those orca are still captive, the dolphins are still captive, no matter how many rescues Seaworld do that FACT doesn't change.

Here's all you need to know - when an animal is in trouble it would prefer you call SeaWorld not PETA, not HSUS and certainly not this author.
Otherwise it will end up dead.
With regards to the above, read PETA's euthanasia policy, see how many other no kill shelters send the animals to PETA to keep their figures down and turn away sick and injured animals too.  Although I personally wish every shelter had a no kill policy and enough homes for every animal,  I also had my own dogs put to sleep in the past as one was 11 and became paralyzed due to a tumour, the other had a burst gut and would have died a slow painful death, have you ever had to do that? 
You support Seaworld who has put numerous animals to sleep, why do you support them?  No euthanasia is an easy decision to make and PETA explains their reasons here and explains what they do with the healthy animals they receive. Don't believe everything you are told until as you said right at the beginning you check it out for yourself.

With regards to calling Seaworld - I bet Springer didn't think that as Seaworld said she wasn't a robust whale and needed bringing into captivity. How wrong were they??

Seaworld refused to help JJ until the press got involved, why was that??

I really don't think every animal would like people to phone Seaworld, as most of the recent rescues have been called out from the network organised and led by NOAA, those people haven't directly called Seaworld have they?

The bottom line is you twisted the article yet again, as the truth here is Rescues have nothing what so ever to do with those Captive Orcas and those captives are the reason people protest Seaworld. The clue is in the title Empty the Tanks!! 

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