Friday 9 January 2015

Awesome Ocean - Blackfish is a Documentary if The Notebook is a Slasher Film DEBUNKED

It seems Danielle Cookish, the new Awesome Ocean writer is either totally unaware of what she is getting in to or just as bad as the original writers. Judging from this article debunked below it seems she is just as bad as their original writers are at trying to manipulate a situation to fit the Seaworld Agenda. What a shame.

Blackfish is a Documentary if The Notebook is a Slasher Film


Visual effects and gripping music are the tools of the trade when you have an opinion to share, but do not want it met with skepticism. Hooking an already empathetic audience from the beginning by jarring them emotionally is one of the many steps on the pyramid of persuasion.
Please watch the following:

We’re all familiar with the film The Notebook (New Line, 2004) a highly emotional, epic love story that follows the lives of two characters and their experiences, all culminating into a tragic twist in plot.
What you’ve just watched is the original theatrical trailer for the film, which does well to describe the storyline, the characters, and what you can expect from it.
Now, we’ll watch the trailer again. This time, it has been cut, re-scored, and manipulated to make the romance film appear to be a psychological thriller. You will notice a striking similarity to the theatrical effects that make up Blackfish.

Lastly, let’s watch the trailer for Blackfish.

Did you notice anything interesting?
The manipulated version of The Notebook and the Blackfish trailers are identical, presenting only different content. They are constructed with identical rapid cut-away techniques, ominous music, and flashes of what is supposed to be absorbed as credible text.
Except the things said in the Blackfish trailer are true. The recording was the actual recording and most importantly as you can see from the court documents Seaworld DID blame Dawn for her own death, however much they deny it, court transcripts don't lie.

Thousands of people have been psychologically and emotionally manipulated and it happened so fast, they didn’t even notice.
Wrong, it didn't happen fast at all for the past 50 years people have watched orcas die in those tanks, dolphins die, belugas die, that is documented fact and all down to Seaworld.
Despite the fact that for the last five decades, SeaWorld has been a beacon of education, family entertainment, and marine animal research, they have recently been awash in public backlash because of the manipulative tricks of the activist film.
Wrong again people protest Seaworld because of what Seaworld have done, Blackfish just highlighted it. You seem to forget that Blackfish was made AFTER Tilikum killed Dawn, Keto killed Alexis, Tilikum killed Daniel and long after the death of Keltie Byrne. It was made after Kasatka tried to drown Ken Peters, It was made long after Kandu V and Keanu dragged  Johnathan to the bottom of the tank, leaving him cut all around his torso, with a ruptured kidney and a six-inch laceration of his liver, yet luckily he managed to escape and get out of the pool. It was long after Orky 2 permanently disabled John Silick and 13 years after Chuck Tompkins gave this statement in court
Chuck Tompkins, a senior executive at SeaWorld and head animal trainer, said in an affidavit. Those are signs Ikaika is testing his environment and seeing what he can do, Tompkins told the court. "And if you're not aware of all the little things that killer whales do, you can get somebody really, really hurt," Tompkins said in his affidavit. "I've got grave concerns on the safety of the staff and inevitably the safety of the animal because of the lack of change."

Blackfish isn't to blame for all these things Seaworld are! 

Taking a closer look at the psychology behind the creation of Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Blackfish (Magnolia, 2013) we see how easily we can be manipulated.
Cowperthwaite admitted to having no prior education or training in the field of marine mammal care before creating the film. Her interest began after learning of the 2010 incident where senior trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by Tilikum, a 12,000 pound bull orca at SeaWorld Orlando. Wow you are actually right AFTER Dawn was killed!
Cowperthwaite’s use of archival footage, lack of original material, and non-credible witnesses earned her a snub from the Academy during the 86th Academy Awards announcement of nominees for Best Documentary Feature. Blackfish has won many awards and how was it snubbed lol

Blackfish was developed on the foundation of sensationalism. A 90-minute spectacle of anthropomorphism and audio/video manipulation, all set to dimmed filters and a suspenseful, dark musical score.
The recording of the medical technician was an actual recording and all the proof of what was in Blackfish is here,  Go check it out as unlike Awesome Ocean stuff I provide the evidence and links to PROVE it.
Cowperthwaite implemented persuasive, emotionally driven film techniques, assuming that would be enough to argue with fifty years of scientific study and research. Have you actually read the research if not go and look again here 
After speaking out about the injustice and manipulative nature of the film, it is reported that Cowperthwaite phoned former trainer Bridgette Pirtle and requested, “Please wait until after award season to criticize Blackfish.”
Bridgette Pirtle has had plenty to say about Seaworld herself quote ''they (the orcas) are proudly introduced as ambassadors but they are simply work horses for a profit driven industry'
She has plenty of other things to say too see here

Due to the manipulative effects used in the film, it's no surprise that audiences, especially children and teens, have lashed out at SeaWorld. An endless parade of hashtags, outrageous demands, bullying of others, the spewing of profanity, and slander dominate the landscape.
 This type of reaction to a shock-value film is not new, but it has set a new precedent. It seems a tide has turned where it is now socially acceptable to believe what’s seen in a film or on television and ask no further questions.
You are completely missing the fact that all the incidents and deaths that have occured at Seaworld which people have protested since day one happened BEFORE Blackfish was made, they are even documented in Seaworld's own animal profiles - again take a look for yourself  here

There are then all these cetacean deaths to account for - should animals who have restaurant quality fish, top vet care, dental care, regular health check as Seaworld profess they do have died in these numbers in their small 50 years? 

A similar effect was achieved in 2004 when director Morgan Spurlock released Supersize Me (Hart Sharp Video, 2004), a film which follows Spurlock on a 30-day journey where he consumes only food from McDonald’s.
His weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other vitals were monitored by a medical doctor during the process and the results were not shocking. Spurlock’s central thesis was eating McDonald’s three times a day for 30 days will have negative effects on your health. No kidding.
Interestingly, viewers of the film grabbed their torches and pitchforks and began harassing, protesting, and boycotting McDonald’s as if they had been duped into believing McDonald’s served healthful food with no health consequences during excessive daily intake.
Comedian Jim Gaffigan touched on the topic during his Mr. Universe special, where he said, “I just love the societal outrage at McDonald’s. There is no nutritional value, there are no vitamins. McDonald’s is like, excuse me, we sell burgers and fries. We never said we are a farmer’s market.”

While we work tirelessly to present sourced facts and data that completely debunks the pre-determined opinion selected for you by Cowperthwaite, many people continue to fiercely defend the film as their reason for outrage.
When factual evidence that goes against the Blackfish agenda is presented, those who support the information put forth in the film become agitated, petty, hostile, and even violent. Why?

Sourced facts and data - really???? 

 I think you need to look at these as Awesome Ocean has been debunked many many times with factual links from court reports, necropsy reports, NOAA, official documents and records that cannot be disputed by either side. Take a look at them all 
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You most certainly have this as facts are facts which ever side you stand on, and yet you still dispute them

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate fact from fiction because the art of manipulation is a psychological science. Finding the truth often requires vast amounts of research into both sides of an argument.

This is true it does require research but not the sort you give to people which has been proven to be manipulated, selectively put forward or in some cases are downright lies, as this piece is too hence it getting debunked yet again.

Blackfish has a transparent agenda shown in its parochial manipulation techniques. Finding truth through science is black and white.

It most definitely is Blackfish looked at incidents that had already happened at Seaworld. Gabriella Cowperthwaite didn't do any of them, PETA didn't do any of them, Seaworld are responsible for all of them and the quicker you look at the official paperwork and see the light the better it will be all round as at the moment you make the educational programme Seaworld say they have in place look seriously questionable.


  1. Excellent rebuttal and factual truth telling. Thank you Awesome Ocean Debunked, for exposing Awesome Oceans Pathetic Lies.