Debunking Seaworld

The links below are all statements Seaworld or their supporters have made and the response provides the evidence and links to debunk them.

 Frightening facts revealed in Seaworld's own research

 Kamogawa to AI orcas with Seaworld sperm

Incidents between orcas and trainers

Seaworld's response to the Taiji drive hunt

Responses to Seaworld's videos

Seaworld's collaboration in the wild caught industry 

Seaworld helping to train the Russian Orcas

Excuses for Tilikum, what excuse for Keto? 

Where did the wild caught Icelandic orcas go

Unna miscarries during a show and the show continues

Orca on trainer incidents prior to Blackfish

How many incidents has Seaworld had compared to other parks

Free from pathogens, bacteria and disease - ermm no 

We do not separate mothers and calves - seaworld video

Animal rights activists on Blackfish

Blackfish lies

San Diego orca swims with 4 of her babies

Seaworld V OSHA and other incidents

We have assisted in the rescue of Killer Whales

Seaworld bullies the Scholastic news

Superior dental care at Seaworld

Mothers separated from their offspring

Letter when Tilikum Arrived

Research at Seaworld benefits those in the wild 

The effects of captures on the Southern Residents

Old news articles reveal Seaworld lies and ethics

10 lies revealed during Seaworld round table debate

Hybrid orcas - nowhere on the planet other than in Seaworld tanks

Orcas and dolphins can and have been released despite what Seaworld says

Addressing Seaworld myths

Why you shouldn't swim with dolphins 

 Awesome Ocean blown out of the water AGAIN!

Glory Seeking Seaworld - Not the Only Marine Mamma...

Tilikum - the importance of a breeding bull!

 Decide for yourself Awesome Ocean or Factual Evidence 

Awesome Ocean lies about the death of J32 and orca captures 

Awesome Ocean Sick response to the death of J32 Rhapsody 

Awesome Ocean - Kids Reject Blackfish, No they don't lol

Awesome Ocean, Bridgette Pirtle Q and A's still not answered

Awesome Ocean 3 things you're not supposed to know

Awesome Ocean killing Keiko Mark Simmons Q & As

Awesome Ocean - yet another twisted tale about Philippines dolphins 

Awesome Ocean V the DODO manipulated information A...

Awesome Ocean Blackfish is full of Black lied debu...

Awesome Ocean - Independent AP Study Shows Marine ...

Response to Awesome Ocean Benefits of Species Surv...

Response to Awesome Ocean Blackfish
 Awesome Ocean - Eric Davis - Absolute Bullies and ...

Awesome Ocean misleads again - these are NOT facts...

Is Tilikum Transient or Resident?

Awesome Ocean, misses information and misses the p...

Awesome Ocean calls Ric OBarry an animal abuser.

Awesome Ocean Activists attack rescues Really? lol

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