Orcas Who Died in Captivity

 Orcas Who Have Died in Captivity
 This page has the orca we have killed in captivity, many have not been remembered and that is wrong. We took them from their homes and made them entertain us, the least we can do is respect them by remembering their names.

I see no difference between these people and the butchers of Taiji. A few men butcher dolphins for money and greed and here a few men sentence them to a slow death for money and greed, the trainers treat them the same, they are in little tanks the same, the butchers make money from selling their products and the parks make money from selling theirs. No difference at all.
The people who go to see them in their tanks can't dislike one but like the other they are the same thing just in different guises.

Please follow the links to learn about their lives, may we never forget them

Orca are in alphabetical order, just click their name to take you to their information.

 There is a by park list at the end

AI -  in october 1989 the last group or orca were captured in Iceland  
 Nanki Shirhama Adventure World

Algonquin - was the 5th calf to be born to Nootka V at 
Marineland Ontario

April   was born on 7th april 2004. She was the 6th of 8 calves to Nootka V.
Marineland Ontario

Asuka - like orca Ku, asuka was also captured in Taiji. She was sent to 
Izu Mito Sea Paradise. 

Athena  died aged 4 at Marineland Niagra, she was Kiska's daughter. 
 Marineland Ontario

Baby Kiva   was the 4th orca born to Corky at Marineland.
 Marineland Ontario

Baby Shamu 2 Baby Shamu II was born at SeaWorld San Diego in California on January 5, 1986. Her mother was Kenau and her father was Winston..

Baby Spooky  -  Oct 31st 1978 Corky's second calf was born and named Spooky.
 Marineland Ontario

Benkei -  on Feb 26th 1979 5 orca were caught at Taiji, all 5 were sent to the Taiji whale museum
Taiji whale museum and Nanki Shirhama Adventure World

Benkei 2 -  was the first orca to be caught off the south coast of Iceland on October 24th 1980
Vancouver Aquarium and Nanki Shirahama Adventure World

Benkei 3  was purchased by a private company and as it was deemed OK to keep them in a swimming pool, he was kept at a private home! 
Private home 

Betty was captured off Iceland in October 1978 as usual she was sent to Hafnarfjordur to be taught to eat dead fish
Marineland Antibes
BINGO Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Japan - Bingo is a 30 year old male orca who was captured in Iceland in 1984.DECEASED AUG 2014.

Bonnie was captured off British Columbia with 6 other orca. One escaped and the two larger females, Bonnie and Kianu were bought by Marine World Africa (now Six Flags).
Six Flags 

Bjossa was captured in November 1980 and sent to Harfnarfjordur with 4 other orca Finna, Vigga, Ulises and Benkei 2
Vancouver Aquarium and Seaworld

Calypso was caught along with 12 others on December 11th 1969, 6 were released and 6 were taken into captivity. 17 days later she was sent to France.
Marineland Antibes

Canuck - was captured on March 12th 1972, he was one of the many orca captured off Carr Inlet to enable them to pick what they wanted

Canuck 2 - was an Icelandic orca captured in October 1977. 6 were captured and taken to Dolfinarium Harderwijk, 

Caren - was captured in Iceland in October 1979 with 3 other young orca, King, Keiko and an unknown female..
Kamogawa Sea World

Chappy and Jumbo. It is worth doing these 2 together as they were from the same captures
Kamogawa Sea World 

Charlie Chin and Pointed nose Cow  mother and son were captured on March 1, 1970, at Pedder Bay near Victoria, B.C., they were the first orca's to escape from captivity. 
Pedder Bay

Chi - was captured in Taiji on Feb 26th 1979. She was immediately sent to the 
 Taiji whale Museum. 

Chimo - the only white orca in captivity.  
 Sealand of the Pacific

Clovis  at the front of the picture was one of the Penn Cove captures. This horrendous place is the holding tank at Seattle Aquarium
Marineland Antibes

Corky - as with the original Orky, there was an original Corky (jumping), she lived in the tank with the original Orky and Orky2
 Marineland Ontario

Dzul-ha  In 1979 a single orca was captured off the coast of Iceland, he should have still been feeding from his mother, he travelled many countries before dying in Mexico.
Travelling circus Mexico 

Father or Kshamenk - On September 19, 1992 a smallgroup of orcas off the coast of Argentina were forced to strand in Samborombon Bay
Mundo Marino

Finna - was captured in November 1980 along with Bjossa. They were bought by Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Aquarium 

Frankie - was captured in 1973 along with Kandy, all were kept at Pedder bay until Seaworld San Diego bought frankie.

 freya  DIED 2015
Marineland Antibes

Goro - was captured in Taiji in October 1985. Goro and a female Nami were sent to the 
Taiji Whale Museum then to Nanki Adventure World

Gudrun - was one of the first Icelandic captures, she was named after the boat who captured her.

Haida was first sent as an attraction in a travelling boat show but was soon purchased by 
Sealand of the Pacific.

Haida 2 - was captured in Iceland in October 1982 with Nootka 4 and Freya.
Sealand of the Pacific then transferred to Seaworld San Antonio

Halyn was a female orca who was born at SeaWorld San Antonio on October 9, 2005. Her mother is Kayla and her father is Keet.

Hoi Wai aka PEANUTS aka SUZIE WONG. Hoi Wai was a female Orca captured near Iceland in October 
Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hudson- was born on 15th September 1998, he was the first orca to be born in the new friendship cove.
Marineland Ontario

Hugo (and Lolita) - Lolita was captured on 8th August 1970 in the notorious Penn Cove captures, Her imprisonment is tragic and the last orca she saw was Hugo who died in March 1980
Miami Seaquarium

Hyak 2 was captured with 6 others in Pender Harbour on April 26th 1968
Vancouver Aquarium

Ishmael   Ishmael was captured in 1968, he worked for the US navy until he had other plans and escaped.
US Navy

Jumbo - see Chappy and Jumbo 
Kamogawa Sea World

Kahana was a young female captured from Icelandic waters in 1978 and sent to Seaworld Orlando  

Kalina - The first captive born orca at SeaWorld to survive more than a few days.  Born Sept. 26th, 1985 at SeaWorld, died Oct 4th 2010 at SeaWorld, she was 25 years old.

Kandu was captured in Feb 1967 along with 5 others, they were sent to Seattle Marine Aquarium

Kandu 2 - was captured at Penn Cove in 1971. He was first purchased by Florida Delfin Show in Germany where he went for 20 days  until he was sent to Marineland Canada

Kandu 3. was captured in 1971 and would have been a member of L pod

Kandu 5. Kandu V was a dominant female Icelandic orca, caught in 1977 and kept at SeaWorld San Diego in California.

Kandu 6  There isn't really a Kandu 6. when Katina was captured she was originally named Kandu 6 her name was changed when she was purchased by Seaworld so Katina and Kandu 6 are the same animal

Kandu VII - was captured in November 1984 in Iceland along with Bingo, Patty, and Junior. Kandu and Junior were moved to 
Marineland Ontario

Kanduke aka Kandu  4 aka T9 was one of the few transient (mammal eating) orca captured for marine parks, he was captured on August 16th 1975  
Marineland Canada to Seaworld

Kandy - was approximately 6 years of age and captured from L pod, a member of the now endangered Southern Resident killer whale population  
Marineland Ontario

Kanuck - was born on 28th August 1994 at Marineland Ontario. He was Kiska's first calf living any length of time. 
Marineland Ontario 

Katerina  was born on November 4th 1988 to Katina and Kanduke 

Katy - In February 1967 a small pod of orca were captured in Yokun Harbour, 5 were released, 2 drowned and 5 were taken to 
Seattle Marine Aquarium

Keanu was bought by Seaworld in 1976 and was moved the same year

Kenny was captured and transferred with Patches and Orky 2 to Marineland Canada. 
 Marineland Ontario

Kianu was captured in 1968 with another female Bonnie. Due to their body size it was believed both were pregnant
Six Flags transferred to  Nanki Shirahama Adventure World

Kilroy was captured on Feb 15th 1967. 15 were captured, 3 died, 5 went up for sale and the rest were released

Kim aka OUM was caught off the coast of Iceland on 25 Oct 1976. He was bought by
Marineland Antibes.

Kim 2 - Kim II was captured with Freya, Nootka IV, Haida II, and an unnamed male.
Marineland Antibes 

King is a good example of the 'product' status the animals had that is all they are, products to be bought and sold
Germany transferred to Marineland Ontario transferred to  Kamogawa SeaWorld

Kona - was captured in Penn Cove in 1971 she was stored at Seattle Marine Aquarium until she was moved to 

Kona 2 was quickly sold to Seaworld Orlando where she was to become part of the breeding programme and met orca Ramu 

Kotar - was one of the youngest orca ever captured barely one year old. 

Ku Was one of the infamous Taiji 5, she was the last of the captures to die, but put the notion of capturing to supply the Aquariums in the heads of Taiji. 
Taiji Whale Museum transferred to Port of Nagoya Aquarium

K'yosha was born on 30th September 1991 to Bjossa and Hyak 2
Marineland Ontario 

Kyu - was one of the Taiji 5 captured in February 1997. He was sent to 
Nanki Adventure World.

Lil Nootka On this sad day in 1970 the entire Southern resident population were being driventoward Whidbey Island with speed boats, M-80 bombs, and low flying planes by the evening J, K and L pod were trapped inside
 Sea Arama Texas

Lupa - captured in Vaugn Bay in 1968 out of 15 orca caught only Lupa an adult female and Hugo a young male were taken into captivity.
 New York/Coney Island Aquarium

Maggie - was captured off the east coast of Iceland in October 1987 along with 4 other orca.
 Kamogawa Seaworld

Magnus - In October 1977 6 orcas were captured in Iceland and sent to 
Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Malik - was born on 21st April 1996,to Nootka V and Kandu VII, due to the lack of space she was probably kept in the warehouse pool
  Marineland Ontario

Mamuk In October 1978 5 orca were captured in Yukon harbour, Mamuk was sold to 
Sea Arama  Texas

Milagro was a young orca captured off Argentina on 8th August 1985, he was soon sent to Mundo Marino and began training for shows
Mundo Marino

Miracle's story is both happy and sad. It takes place in the late 1970's, and began when someone reported seeing a baby killer whale by herself. 
Sealand of the Pacific

Moby Doll The 15 foot (4.6m) long, 1-ton male was captured in 1964 near East Point, Saturna Island in British Columbia, she was the second orca into captivity after the first died 2 days after being caught
  Marineland of the Pacific

Nami was one of the orca's captured in Taiji Cove, she was quickly sent to the 
Taiji Whale Museum.

Nandu - Captured Nov 1983 off Iceland, died in 1988 at Acurama in Sao Paulo in Brazil

Natsidalia - was captured in 1968. Her pod members soon left, Kianu and Bonnie were the first out of the pen. Corky and Orky 2 went next which left her and baby Hyak 2 who was believed to be her son.
Vancouver Aquarium

Neocia was born on October 21, 1992 to Nootka V and Kandu VII, in King Wardolf's Theater.
Marineland Ontario 

Nepo - was captured on 11th December 1969, Nepo and 5 others were kept in the bay until Marine Parks purchased them
Six Flags

Neptune and Nemo  In October 1981 Three killer whales arrived at Clacton Pier UK from Iceland,
Clacton Pier UK

Nootka - Was one of the few transient orcas captured for aquariums, partly because transient orca's are not fish eaters, 

Nootka 2 and Nootka 3. Sealand of the pacific was home to Haida and became famous with the capture of Chimo the albino orca.
 Sealand of the pacific

Nootka 4 - was captured off the coast of Iceland in October 1982. She and 4 other orca were sent to Harfnarfjordur Aquarium

Nootka 5 -   a story of breeding abuse by the captive orca storers Marineland Ontario.
  Marineland Ontario

Nova - was Kiska's third calf one of many young orca who died at
Marineland Ontario.  

 Nyar - second calf to Gudrun
Orky - most people thinking of Orky think of Corky and Orky, but he was Orky 2. 
Marineland of the Pacific

Orky 2. was captured as a juvenile in 1968 along with 6 podmates.

Oscar was an Icelandic orca captured in October 1987 along with 3 of his pod mates.
 Kamogawa Seaworld

Pascuala - on April 10th 2007 a very young orca was found stranded in the bay of Matanchen Mexico 

Patches - On 12th December 1969 baby Patches was taken from her mother and sent to Marineland California with 2 other orca.
Marineland of the Pacific

Patty - was captured in Nov 1984 another Icelandic orca, she was sent to Hafnarfdjor to be taught to eat dead fish  
 Kamogawa Sea World

Prince aka BUBBA was one of 4 orca captured off Iceland in October 1987 
 Kamogawa Sea World

 Ramu - In Feb 1967 a pod of 15 orca were rounded up in Yukon Harbour. 3 died and 5 were taken captive

Ramu 3 was renamed to Winston on his move to Seaworld. Winston and Ramu 3 are the same animal 

Ramu 2 and Ramu 4 This is the first time I have done 2 orca together but they are so similar it is worth remembering them both together.
Marineland Australia 

Ran - was captured in Iceland in October 1989 and in 1990 Ran and Ai were bought by 
Nanki adventure World.

Ruka - was captured in Iceland on October 4th 1981
 Nanki Shirahama Adventure World

Sacchi - In February 1982 an orca was captured with 5 others at Taiji
 Enoshima Marineland

Samoa was captured off Iceland in November 1983 along with 2 male orca Nandu and Tilikum

Sandy - On March 12th 1973 an orca was found stranded on the beach of Ocean City

Sarah - was the third calf to be born at Kamogawa Sea World. Her mother was Stella and father Bingo.
Kamogawa Sea World

Shamu - The original killer whale at SeaWorld: Captured Oct 1965 in Washington State.  Died Aug 1971 at SeaWorld .

Sharkan - was captured off Iceland in October 1989 and she was sent to 
Marineland Antibes.

Skana aka Walter - this was the whale who inspired Greenpeace USA
Vancouver Aquarium

Shawn - In 1978 a very young female was captured off the coast of Iceland.

Splash - originally named Katak was the first orca to be born at Marineland Canada on August 15th 1989
 Marineland Ontario to  Seaworld 

Sumar was born on May 14th 1998 to mother Taima and father Tilikum

Surfer Girl - was a young orca who was 'rescued' off the coast of California. Her origin and reason for stranding is unknown. 
Six Flags 

Tai - was captured in Feb 1979 in Taiji, he was already a large male approx 10 years old.He was sent to the Taiji whale Museum

Taima is another orca that demonstrates everything that is wrong with Seaworld. Her life was as upsetting as her death.

Taku - was born on Sept 9th 1993 to mother Katina and father Tilikum. He was extremely close to his mother.  

Tanouk  aka YAMOTO was captured in Icelandic waters in October 1989. A male and 3 females were caught
Marineland Antibes

Tula - there were no pictures of Tula but there is this video clip
 Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Valentin - DECEASED 12TH OCTOBER 2015 aged 19
Marineland Antibes

Vigga - was captured off the east coast of Iceland on Nov 19th 1980. She was bought by  
Vancouver Aquarium

Marineland Florida

Winnie -  She was captured in Iceland, in October of 1977, lived first at Windsor in the UK, then at several SeaWorld parks and she died April 11th 2002
Windsor Safari Park UK and Seaworld 

Winston was one of the most aggressive orca in captivity

Yaka  - on December 11th 1969, 12 orca were captured and out of those 12, 6 were taken into captivity.
Six Flags

Zero - in 1972 Japanese fishermen harpooned a young orca in Abashari Japan.
Kamogawa Sea World

52 ORCA  THEY COULD EVEN BE BOTHERED TO NAME.   Click link or see below

?/9/68 Kianu's calf Marineworld California stillbirth

15/8/1968 Bonnies female calf Marineworld California stillbirth

April 1969 female wild capture Seattle Marine Aquarium lived a few months

Feb 1970 unknown orca wild capture died at Seattle Marine Aquarium

Nov 1971 2 male wild orca captured and kept at Seattle Marine Aquarium, both died within the year.

28/02/1977 Corky's male calf lived for 18 days

Dec 1978 Wild capture at Taiji whale museum lived for 5 days.

Nov 1978 female captured at Saedyrasafnid, Iceland lived for 3 months

26/10/1978 male captured at Saedyrasafnid, Iceland lived for 4 months.

March 1979 Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan mother not named - stillbirth

26/2/1979 female captured in Japan kept at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan lived for 1 month

26/2/1979 female captured in Japan kept at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan lived for 2 months

nov 1979 female icelandic capture sent to Marineland Ontario lived for 3 months

1/4/1980 Corky's calf - stillborn

oct 1981 male icelandc capture kept at Clacton Pier UK, lived for 2 months

May 1982 Sacchi's calf kept at Enoshima Marineland, Japan lived for 10 days

Feb 1982 male captured Japan kept at Taiji whale museum lived for 4 months

Oct 1982 male icelandic capture kept at Sealand Victoria, BC survived for 8 months

Nov 1984 male icelandic capture kept at Saedyrasafnid, Iceland lived for 2 months

22/7/1985 Corkys female calf kept at Marineland lived for 1 month

31/1/1986 Kandu 5's calf stillborn

Feb 1986 female captured in Japan kept by fishermen group, Japan lived for 2 months

27/7/1986 Corky's calf miscarried

13/11/1988 Bjossa's calf kept at Vancouver Aquarium lived for 11 days

3/3/1991 Freyas calf at Marineland Antibes stillbirth

4/2/1992 male calf of Nootka 4 dies at Sealand Victoria lived for 33 days

24/8/1992 Kiska's male calf kept at Marineland lived for 66 days

Mar 1993 Freya's calf Marineland Antibes stillbirth

18/8/1994 Nootka 4's calf kept at Seaworld Florida stillbirth

20/11/1994 Haida 2's female calf kept at Seaworld Texas lived for 38 days

3/3/1995 Maggies male calf kept at Kamogawa Sea World, Japan lived for 1 day

8/3/1995 Bjossa's female calf kept at Vancouver Aquarium lived for 1 day

21/2/1996 Gudruns calf kept at Seaworld Florida stillborn

9/2/1997 mother not named male calf kept at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan lived for 4 months

9/2/1992 female calf kept at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan lived for 4 months

5/10/1997 Maggies female calf Kamogawa Sea World, Japan stillbirth

Feb 1998 Belen's calf kept at Mundo Marino, Buenos Aires stillbirth

27/5/1998 Nootka 5's female calf kept at Marineland Ontario lived for 11 days

mar 2001 Freya's calf Marineland Antibes stillbirth

Apr 2003 Freya's calf Marineland Antibes, stillbirth

26/9/2003 Russian female capture kept at Utrish Dolphinarium, Russia lived for 28 days

26/8/2004 Rans calf kept at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan lived for 2 days

10/2/2006 male calf kept at Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan lived for 3 days

April 2006 Unna's female calf Seaworld Texas stillbirth

10 were lost to miscarriage and the following died due to death of the mothers

15/10/1987 fetus found at necropsy of Koan 2 Seaworld florida

6/8/1991 Seaworld Florida Kenau dies during 12th month of pregnancy

14/3/1992 Samoa dies during labor of near full-term fetus Seaworld Texas

4/2/2000 Belen dies during 4th month of pregnancy at Mundo Marino

1/8/2001 Haida 2 dies during 5th month of pregnancy Seaworld Texas

6/6/2010 Taima dies during labor of near full-term fetus Seaworld Florida

RIP, we may not have known your names but you are now in our memories.

              Orcas deceased in captivity by number of deaths per park.

Seaworld   45 deaths 

Baby Shamu 2,  Bjossa, Canuck, Canuck 2, Frankie, Gudrun, Haida 2, Halyn, Kahana, Kalina, Kandu, Kandu 3, Kandu 5, Kanduke, Katerina, Keanu, Kilroy, Kona, Kona 2, Kotar, Nootka, Nootka 4, Orky 2, Ramu, Samoa, Sandy, Shamu, Shawn, Splash, Sumar, Taima, Taku, Winnie, Winston, 1986 Kandu 5's calf,  1994 Nootka 4's calf,  1996 Gudruns calf,  2006 Unna's female calf , 1987 fetus found at necropsy of Koana 21991 Seaworld Florida Kenau dies during 12th month of pregnancy, 1992 Samoa dies during labor killing calf,  2001 Haida 2 dies during 5th month of pregnancy ,2010 Taima dies during labor 1994 Haida 2's female calf, Vicky.

Marineland Ontario 26 deaths Algonquin,  April,  Athena, Baby Kiva, Belen,  Spooky, Corky, Hudson, Kandu 2, Kandu 7, Kandy, Kanuck, Kenny, Kyosha, Malik, Neocia, Nootka 5, Nova, 1979 female icelandic capture,1980 Corky's calf , 1977 Corky's male calf,  1986 Corky's calf,  1992 Kiska's male calf ,  1998 Nootka 5's female calf,
1985 Corkys female calf,  Junior,

Nanki Shirhama Adventure World 15 deaths
Ai, Benkei, Benkei 2, Goro, Kianu, Kyu, Ran, Ruka, 1979 female captured, 1979 female captured,
1978, mother not named - stillbirth,  1992 female calf ,  /2004 Rans calf, 2006 male calf,
/1997 mother not named male calf, 

Kamogawa Sea World 12 deaths
Caren, Chappy, Jumbo, King, Maggie, Oscar, Patty, Prince, Sarah, Zero,  1997 Maggies female calf ,
1995 Maggies male calf, 

Marineland Antibes 11 deaths
Betty, Calypso, Clovis, Kim, Kim 2, Sharkan, Tanuk,  1993 Freya's calf ,  r 2001 Freya's calf,
1991 Freyas calf,  2003 Freya's calf

Six Flags  8 deaths
Bonnie, Nepo, Surfer Girl, Yaka, Kianu
1968 Kianu's calf, 1968 Bonnies female calf,

Vancouver Aquarium  8 deaths
Bjossa, Finna,  Hyak 2, Natsidalia, Skana, Vigga, 1988 Bjossa's calf, 1995 Bjossa's female calf, 

Sealand of the Pacific 8 deaths
Chimo, Haida, Miracle, Moby Doll, Nootka 2, Nootka 3, 1992 male calf ,
1982 male icelandic

Taiji whale Museum. 6 deaths
 Chi, Nami, Tai, 1982 male captured, 1986 female captured,
1978 Wild capture

Mundo Marino 4 deaths
Father of Kshamenk,  Milagro, 2000 Belen dies during 4th month of pregnancy,
1998 Belen's calf,

Seattle Marine Aquarium 4 deathsKaty,  1969 female wild capture,1970 unknown orca,
1971 2 male wild orca captured,

Clacton Pier UK  3 deaths
Neptune, Nepo,  1981 male icelandic capture

Saedyrasafnid, Iceland 3 deaths
1978 female captured, 1984 male icelandic capture, 1978 male captured 

Marineland Australia 2 deaths
Ramu 2, Ramu 3

Enoshima Marineland 2 deaths
1982 Sacchi's calf,

Sea Arama Texas 2 deaths
LilNootka, Mamuk, 

Dolfinarium Harderwijk 2 deaths
Magnus,  Tula, 

Marineland of the Pacific 2 deathsOrky,  Patches

Mexico  2
Dzul ha, 

Port of Nagoya Aquarium
Ku, Bingo
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Hoi Wai, 

US Navy

Miami Seaquarium 

New York/Coney Island Aquarium


Izu Mito Sea Paradise.

Marineland Florida 

Utrish Dolphinarium
2003 Russian female capture 

Private home
 Benkei 3

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  1. oH my goodness :):):) ...great research...I am disgusted with Orca captivity ...Seworld is just ...words fail me ..how can they have been allowed to kill so many or these amazing creatures with NO repercussions. It is sickening. The Orca taken from the wild were and are (Lolita) STOLEN from us all and we should demand they be all be released into ocean santuaries. Shame on us humans, Shame