Wednesday 14 December 2016

2016/2017 Taiji Drive Hunt figures

Species                       Quota       captured    killed         captive         released       remaining quota
Pacific Whitesided         134                                                           
Striped                          450             120       120                                                           330
Bottlenose                     414             130                          80                  61                    334         
Pantropical Spotted       400               70                          18                  52                    382
Rissos                           251             153       145                                    8                     106
Short finned pilot           101               65        34                                   31                      67
False killer whale             70                                                                                           70

September 2016

9th 12-15 Rissos

15th 80 bottlenose and 15 - 20 pilot whales
16th 24 bottlenose taken captive
17th 38 bottlenose taken captive
18th 9 pilot whales killed

22nd-24th  46 bottlenose 26 captive

4th 20 Rissos
19th October 35 Striped
26th 40 striped

4th Rissos 25 dead 4 released
16th November 20 Rissos
17th November 10 Rissos
21st November  15 Rissos
29th November 30 Rissos

4th 30 Striped
5th 7 bottlenose captives
9th pilot whales 25 dead
12th Dec pantropical spotted 18 captive
15th Dec striped 15 dead
18th December bottle nose dolphins 4 captive
19th December Rissos, 9 killed one deliberately drowned

Sunday 30 August 2015

Exclusive: Leading Activist’s Opinion On Sea Pens Will Surprise You ERIC DAVIS BLAGGER AGAIN

Once again Eric Davis scan reads and tries to blag his way through a document missing out vital bits of info and he thinks this drivvel is credible lol.
First lets put the letter at the top, not at the bottom, so those with their own minds can read it for themselves.
Secondly lets look at the differences. Naomi Rose, scientist and PHd, on the IWC scientific committee and deemed worthy as an expert in court cases.
Eric Davis - Seaworld fan, thats it, just a bog standard fan with no scientific qualifications what so ever.

Now lets see what he missed out hoping people didnt read the letter.

The anti-aquarium crowd continues to take hypocrisy to stratospheric heights.
Dr. Naomi Rose, a Marine Mammal Scientist at the partisan Animal Welfare Institute in Washington DC and part-time unsolicited media advisor, has been publicly advocating in the mainstream media for SeaWorld to retire their animals to sea pens. 
Awesome Ocean recently exposed the animal activist's plans to build their own sea pen marine park. They hope to create their own SeaWorld, charge for admission and never really plan to release the animals. 
Firstly the Sea pen marine park. We know the hybrids Seaworld created can never be released, they have no pods and ONLY exist in Seaworld parks, there is no such thing as a Northern Resident/Icelandic orca, or a transient/resident orca. No other orca keeping facility does that other than Seaworld. The orca populations have genetically kept themselves 'pure' for thousands of years but Seaworld ignored that fact, so where would they go?
Pods need to be found. Corky's family are well documented but can she survive as she is not toothless in the Seaworld tank, chewing the walls and shutting down in the presence of Ulises, all documented by Seaworld.
What about those who have had their teeth drilled, why do they have to be flushed out Eric? How do you release those animals?

They can however, feel the ocean rhythms, forage, explore and catch their own food in a sea pen, whilst still having the care Seaworld has made them have i.e. tooth flushing, contraception as in Unna as Seaworld have said they cannot risk another pregnancy with her, and what about inbred Nalani? Did you forgot all those things Eric, things that Seaworld have created? 

Family groups could however be put back together, you know Eric the ones Seaworld said they didn't seperate. Could you tell everyone where Takara's calves are?  Who lives with Tilikum and where is his mum? Where are Katina's calves? Did you miss that one too? 

Oh, and they intend to force accredited zoological facilities to give them the animals.
There's just one very massive problem.
Naomi Rose, the icon of the anti-aquarium movement, is on record slamming the very idea of sea pens for marine mammals.
Dr. Naomi Rose. Photo courtesy of: Voice of San Diego
In a 2012 letter co-authored by Rose to the Coastal Zone Management Commission in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and to the US Army Corp of Engineers, she details her opposition to a sea pen proposal and why building them can be harmful for animals and bad for the environment.
And she goes into great detail.
And it's bad - for sea pens and the animals in them.
In Dr. Rose's lengthy 11-page letter she breaks down her complaint into a number of categories that are a step-by-step rebuttal of every activist claim in favor of these death traps. It's an indictment of Dr. Ingrid Visser's claims for building their "Cetacean Sanctuary".
She does indeed Eric, lets look at the bits you missed out

Environmental Impact - Pollution and Disease

A view of the activist sea pen lagoon
A view of the activist sea pen lagoon
Dr. Rose lists a string of negative environmental effects a closed off lagoon (similar to the activist plan for their "sanctuary") would cause.
  • Cetaceans produce a significant amount of waste on a daily basis, which is not normally concentrated in a single location.
  • Cetacean waste and decaying fish parts that these cetaceans consume during feeding can concentrate in an abnormal manner and accumulate around and through reefs.
  • Organic debris, nutrients, and fecal coliform bacteria can cause abnormal levels of algae growth, which can smother and kill corals and sea grass beds.
  • Biodiversity in such affected areas can decrease substantially.
  • Water quality will be affected by fencing structures erected for the pens. 
Adding to this list- only one study was put forward regarding removal of the waste, that of fish eating it. Citing Sazimas study of wild dolphins which was a totally different species and different eco system. So other alternatives needed to be shown. DID YOU MISS THAT BIT ERIC OR DIDN'T IT FIT YOUR AGENDA? 


Dolphin Welfare and Survivorship - Illness and Death

Dr. Rose details everything that can go wrong in an open ocean sea pen and how these pens are really death traps for the animals in them.
Cetacean Sanctuary Island Overview
"Lack of environmental control in sea pens and enclosures that have a direct link to the sea can often make them inadequate or poorly suited for the maintenance of cetaceans", writes Rose.
For example:
  • Water temperature can not be controlled in pens, which may force cetaceans in shallow water with excessive exposure to the sun, resulting in unnaturally and sometimes dangerously high water temperatures.
  • Water quality cannot be adequately controlled in pens, even when pumps or other similar water movement devices are installed.  Cetaceans can be forced to remain in stagnant, shallow water adjacent to human activity that may contain considerably higher concentrations of marine contaminants than they would encounter in the wild.
  • Exposure to runoff and other marine pollution can lead to illness and death.
  • Exposure to loud sounds - airborne and underwater - can stress cetaceans, who are highly acoustically sensitive.  The harmful effects of anthropogenic noise on cetaceans have been documented in numerous studies and are an ongoing focus by marine mammal biologists through water and even airborne sounds can penetrate the air-water interface and be heard by captive animals. When cetaceans can't remove themselves from prolonged, loud sounds, physiological stress and damage can result

 Eric you missed the bit about the jet ski operation next door too and the fact that this facility said dolphins adapt really well to traffic. Shame did you not read that bit?

Educational Value - Not Possible

Ingrid Visser claimed in her presentation that their facility would be all about educating the public.
However her colleague, Naomi Rose, says it's not possible:
"There is reason to believe that captive cetacean attractions actually miseducate the public about wildlife and the marine environment."
Awww again Eric a vital sentence missed off, no mention above of the reference to tricks was there, so here it is for you and your fans so they can see how missing off vital bits of information leads people up the wrong path and you are getting very good at selective reading aren't you? 
Shell Game - Deception
Rose submitted this factual case against sea pens to government bodies and clearly illustrated these pens as nothing more than tortuous death traps. She wouldn't purposefully mislead two responsible agencies, would she?
It wasnt ''pens'' Eric it was a report on the one pen in question not all of them.
In Rose's 2015 Tedx Talk, she advocated for people to encourage facilities like SeaWorld to "retire" their animals to sea pens.
It's pretty clear that people will say anything when it benefits their agenda.
You are so right Eric, its becoming a writing style for you isn't it? 
We will continue to support accredited zoological and federally regulated facilities like SeaWorld, the Georgia Aquarium and more who provide amazing man made environments for their animals. We will also support the world respected Dolphin Research Center who as proven that they can provide a safe, healthy and educational sea pen environment for their animals.
You can read the full letter here.

I am so glad you put the full letter on there, so now hopefully people WILL read it and see just how much you have manipulated this document to suit your own agenda yet again. I really don't know why you bother as it a, makes you look incompetent and b, throws any little bit of credibility Seaworld might have had right out of the window yet again. Makes no wonder you block anyone that isn't a fan of yours as you would look really really silly wouldn't you? 
Either report things as they stand Eric or don't bother at all as you make the institution to stand for look even more ridulous. 
In fact carry on the good work lol.

2015/2016 Drive Hunt

The Taiji Drive Hunt is due to start again, no alarm bells ringing for the lack of meeting the quota, no alarm bells ringing for the fact no false killer whales have been captured for 4 years!!

Where is the sustainability investigation? Where is the investigation into why radioactive animals in Chernobyl turned white, 3 white dolphins arrived in Taiji after Fukushima. Where is the study?

Where is the study into the toxicity of the meat they sell to their people?

Where is study from ALL Japanese people asking their opinions on the hunt? We know many many are against it.

Those Taiji supporters blame Sea Shepherd, they blame Ric claiming it is a tradition. We know that is a lie, drive hunting is relatively new and didn't start until after the whaling ban. What is the reason for that.

When will those few people realise what hatred and shame they bring to the beautiful island of Japan? When Sangen isn't mayor anymore? When the Fisherman's union says so?
Who knows but we know it will end whether they like it or not.

what happens in Taiji? 
Is it tradition? Its about captives!  
All these parks buy from the drive hunt!

 TOTAL QUOTA 1873 cetaceans

Species                       Quota      Caught      killed         captive         released       remaining quota
Bottlenose                    462
False Killer Whale           70
Pantropical Spotted      400
Pacific white sided        134
Risso's                         256
Pilot whale                    101
Striped                         450
Bottlenose : 108 caught · 028 killed · 041 live-capture · 039 released · 069 total take · quota = 509 · 440 more allowed False Killer Whale : 000 caught · 000 killed · 000 live-capture · 000 released · 000 total take · quota = 070 · 070 more allowed Pantropical Spotted : 193 caught · 040 killed · 024 live-capture · 127 released · 064 total take · quota = 400 · 336 more allowed Pacific White-sided : 006 caught · 000 killed · 006 live-capture · 000 released · 000 total take · quota = 134 · 128 more allowed Risso's : 333 caught · 259 killed · 007 live-capture · 067 released · 266 total take · quota = 261 · 005 over quota Short-finned Pilot : 061 caught · 041 killed · 002 live-capture · 018 released · 049 total take · quota = 114 · 065 more allowed Striped - See more at:

Sunday 3 May 2015

Lies proved in Tilikum's own animal profile

Once again it comes to light that Seaworld are not exactly honest with the things they put in print.

How can anyone call ex trainers liars when they have access to documents like Tilikum's own animal profile, which is full on untruths.

The first half

Accidental drowning in 1991? Really?  Keltie Byrnes Coroners Inquest shows she was repeatedly dunked by the whales and they also refused to let her leave the pool or allow anyone in to retrieve her, she had to be hauled out by a weighted net dragging the pool.
Accident? No not really.

7.6.1999 Drowning - no specific behaviour noted.
That isn't true is it as Daniel Dukes medical examiners report shows both pre and post mortem injuries, including having his scrotum ripped off pre death. Do you think he didn't scream or shout out when that happened? 
Then there is the law suit filed by his parents which states Daniel Dukes had injuries to his legs and ankles consistent with him being pulled into the pool.

the only truth in that part of his profile is ''no behaviour noted'' as it seems it wasn't noted although the evidence does show it DID happen!

2.24 2010 Grabbed pony tail, held trainer underwater, carry/tow trainer

We all know full well from the massive coverage and court report itself that this is far from what happened on that dreadful day.
The injuries listed in Dawn Brancheau's autopsy report smash this part of the file to bits.

The frightening part of this section of Tilikum's profile is that this is Seaworld's OWN animal profile and as a trainer reading their version, would you think Tilikum was a danger? Would you know the things he did to those poor people? Would you still believe the ponytail theory as even though it was proven in court  not to be a pony tail it still says it here?

On to the summary - 

During times of frustration due to social stress in the environment, Tilikum has exhibited aggressive behaviour which includes LUNGING at control trainer.

This is the Believe show minutes before Dawn's death as you can see there is definitely social stress in the environment, they are definitely deep fast swims, so much so that the trainers abandoned the stage and one orca was taken up out of the water.  Doesn't get much more stressful that this as the trainers showed by their absence. They yet again repeat that Tilikums's involvement in the death of  Daniel Dukes was not known.  If I can find the medical examiners report surely they can too!!

That horrible day eye witness account of Dawn's rescue

Next paragraph - he displays possessive behaviour not only with things in his pool but also with other whales, especially Taima. Does that tell you he doesnt want her taking away? Sadly he had no choice when she died.

Next paragraph - We utilise his relationship with Taku and recently Trua. Tilikum has been successful in solo semen collection since that time. So that is the real reason he is in with Trua, do you ever hear Seaworld give that as the reason??

As for this ridiculous video which states why Seaworld give their orcas gelatin

Tilikums own profile shows he is given 10 gallons of gelatin to increase his hydration levels. He is also trained on a stomach tube for hydration as well as trained to drink water from a cup.

If he was wild would he do any of those things? No of course he wouldn't as he would get all his fluids from the fish he caught, so despite Seaworld's claims that the fish is restaurant quality, it is still dead, and still lacking the fluids he needs to survive.

Would you want to be fed an un natural diet of gelatin?

Gelatine is made from pig skin, cow skin, and the bones of both animals! Gross, isn't it? He is a fish eating orca as they all are, not a skin and bone eater, and he is given 10 gallons of this every day!!

The last paragraph shows why he is at Seaworld. He has fathered 12 calves and only had contact with one of them in 2007. How sad is that, its not Tilikum Seaworld want,  its his sperm.

Is this the life he was born to have?
Is this the life we should have given him?

Is there any wonder he behaves like he does, and what hope has he got? 
NONE what so ever.
He will never see his family again, never swim in the ocean he was stolen from, and yes he was stolen against his will, he has been made into something totally un natural -  masturbation, separation, fear, tubes for hydration, fed an un natural diet of bones and skin, toothless, fin bent over,  and yet Seaworld still maintain they thrive in that environment.

How will he leave his tank prison - only death releases those poor creatures, Seaworld know it, we know it and deep down the fans know it and should be ashamed of themselves for defending this as a good life for a mater of the ocean.

What an absolute joke and what a tragedy for all the orcas in their care and all the fans they have lied to who look no further than Seaworld themselves for the proof.

Saturday 18 April 2015

If you repeat the same thing over and over DO you believe it?

Once again there were some points raised in this video by Mark Simmons that condemned Seaworld AGAIN.

If you repeat things over and over do you start to believe your own lies?

Lets pick up what Mark Simmons had to say.

Point 1 
at 2.10 - Talking about Blackfish and how he talked for 3 hours but his comments were cut and condensed. Seems to be missing the point that 3 hours of listening to Mark Simmons would have been impossible and he would have known that at the time, (no film is that long) and his comments were not dubbed or changed. IT WAS HIM SAYING THOSE THINGS.
Strangely in his Seaworld interview, he also moaned about talking for 3 hours again it still doesn't alter the fact that IT WAS Mark Simmons and he DID say the things he did in the clip.

Sounds very familiar doesn't it? Infact almost word perfect.

Point 2 -
The sensationalism of this one  incident by one whale, who was not a Seaworld whale - ONE??? What about Alexis Martinez KETO is a Seaworld whale what about him??What about Daniel Dukes, what about Annette Webber, John Silick, Annette Eckis, and all the other poor trainers involved in these incidents?? How disrespectful can you possible be?

Point 3
He brought Tilikum from Sealand - really?
Seaworld and Sealand both were chastised by NOAA
 After it was mentioned that NONE of the Sealand orcas should be on display and Tilikum may be better off being rehabilitated back to Iceland, Brad Andrews pre empted that and contacted the Icelandic government to prevent it.

Is Mark Simmons saying he was party to all this underhandness which can be proven in the documents above?

Point 4
 2:41 - Now Tilikum isn't a Seaworld whale, he wasn't brought up in the Seaworld system, but as you see above Seaworld were involved with Tilikum whilst at Marineland and they claim him as theirs over and over when trying to prove their longevity figures. Thanks for straightening that Seaworld lie out Mark.

Point 5
It took 2 days to convince me to participate in the film - lot of convincing then seeing as you talked for 3 hours and then had a beef that it wasn't all used lol.

Point 6
Seaworld would have terminated John Hargroves job had they been aware of it. Strange dont you think that is it at least 5 years old and only happened to appear the same week as the book release? 
Yet Seaworld were cited themselves for the exact same thing themselves 

Point 7 
at 6:04 Mark left in 1996 so hasn't been a seaworld trainer for 19 years. 
               6:43 Not one incident in the 14 years him and his wife worked at Seaworld
 That would make it 1982 so lets check.
Check yourself how many incidents there were at Seaworld during those times. HERE  Most are taken from Seaworld's own animal profiles. Who's fault are they Mark? You can't say these aren't Seaworld orcas can you? 

Point 8
 - 6:50 You are right Mark, they are not faceless beings, they do have their own personalities, they are all documented in their Animal Profiles too. You might find Orkid's interesting seen as she has been attacking trainers since she was one year old. As she was born in 1988 her attack history alone blows your not one incident line out of the water.

Point 9 
 - 7:10 You are quick to point out Corky's personality training the trainers, but as you were quick to point out Tilikum isn't a Seaworld orca trained in the Seaworld system as an excuse for Dawn, presumably the same excuse for Daniel Dukes wouldn't it be correct to do the same for Corky, she was captured in 1969 and didn't arrive at Seaworld until 1987, if not being trained by Seaworld is the issue for Tilikum, wouldn't it be the same for her, Ulises,
Point 10

As for your own book, I sent you this many months ago to which you said you would reply when you were not busy. I'm still waiting as many people conflict the thing YOU have to say about Keiko too.
If you expect John Hargrove to defend things that have been documented and logged on profiles and court reports with regards to Blackfish then surely the same should apply to you, especially as Robin Friday your colleague in Ocean Embassy also says the Keiko Project was a success.
I look forward to your reply and if you have lost it, here it is again

Sunday 12 April 2015

Seaworld liars v John Hargrove

I love the way Seaworld deal with things and their choice of people to argue a case.

You could call this article spot the liar really but lets look at it

Firstly the video opens with Steve Aibel, who wasn't far from being a statistic himself. He must have forgotten that Kyuquot did this to him

Next up is Jeff Andrews saying 'he says one thing one day and another another day'. Bit hypocritical from the VERY man who stood up and lied in court blaming Dawn Brancheau for her own death admitting that he hadn't even read the Orange County reports or seen the autopsy reports. Seaworld have always maintained since, that they never blamed Dawn.
This is a huge lie as Jeff Andrews did EXACTLY that and it is all documented in the court files for all to see.

 We then move onto the comparison between John's book and statements made in the past. Notice all those statements they show are whilst he was working for Seaworld and we have heard over and over from many employees that loyalty is demanded from Seaworld not earnt.

Julie Sigman is next up totally ignore the reference to her in Johns' book and the fact that he was pleased Takara was not pregnant, seeing as Trua is in a different park and so is Kohana, but then Seaworld say they don't separate mothers from calves don't they. Yet another lie.

Interesting they then choose to roll out Brad Andrews, the very man who has lied over and over.

During the transaction for Gudrun Brad Andrews repeatedly denied all knowledge if how Kamagowa false killer whales could be traded for Gudrun.
Yet the paperwork and the flight records show not only did he know, he was there and took the flight to Holland WITH them
Brad Andrews again lies about Tilikum. This letter from NOAA shows that Seaworld were already advising Sealand on killer whale care, prior to the birth of Kyuquot, so it isn't a cut and dried, they closed we bought as Seaworld want everyone to believe, otherwise NOAA wouldn't have been in a position to kick Seaworld's butt for this would they?

Brad Andrews - Daniel Dukes
Brad Andrews said -

Not an indicator of aggressive behaviour, and to this day Seaworld still say they don't know what happened. Daniel Dukes, medical examiners report shows a different story, with both pre and post mortem injuries. His genitals were avulsed (pulled off) by Tilikum whilst he was still alive, are you telling me that there would be no splashing or noise when that happened?

The press reporting on the court case from Daniel Dukes parents, also show

Do you believe someone like Brad Andrews doesn't know what went on in that pool?

Then there is this little snippet that Seaworld put forward as 'evidence'

Seaworld are obviously still in the mindset that everyone does as they say, did they not think that people would read all of the quote they found, instead just reading the bit they wanted us too?

Anyone who had researched San Antonio Seaworld prior to the book release would also have come across interviews from Bridgette Pirtle who worked with John and confirmed the trainers increasing frustration at Seaworld spending money on anything other than those orcas.
This one shows how both trainers felt at San Antonio.

In this one she shares the trainers disappointment
This also backs up what John Hargrove has to say.

The last few comments in the video also prove that despite what Seaworld say, not all the trainers on Blackfish were sacked trainers.
ALL of the people commenting say John CHOSE to leave Seaworld, so Seaworld once again debunk their own lies.

Lastly Wendy Rameriz, who was John's room mate and good friend, she lied in her previous video which really hurt John, why did she do that?
A personal low for the former trainer came via his colleague and good friend, Wendy Ramirez. Currently employed by SeaWorld, Ramirez outwardly lied, Hargrove said, when she filmed the video below and accused him of hitting, "his head on the side of a pool jumping into a shallow area." Ramirez then concluded, "it had nothing to do with the animals at all." 

 In direct contention with Ramirez' statement and Kyle Kittleson's  is SeaWorld's own 69-point critique of the 'Blackfish' documentary. "If you look at point 49," Hargrove explained, "SeaWorld writes in the first sentence that my injury 'had nothing whatsoever to do with any whale'. Yet in the next sentence," he added, "they describe me as doing a footpush into a stageslide. Did I jettison myself across the stage?"
Hargrove said SeaWord's final version of how he injured his face occurred during a park-wide employee meeting, held in San Diego in mid-May. An insider informed him that Robbin Sheets, the Assistant Curator at Shamu Stadium, had accused him of performing a dangerous maneuver with a killer whale:
In reality, I was doing the same run that I always did, the only difference was the speed of Corky, which was abnormal in that situation. That's what caused the injury to happen." Hargrove said he was jettisoned, "so abnormally fast by Corky, that it caused another senior trainer I was pre-planned to tackle on stage, to back out out of the way.   This other trainer's own words at the time, were, "you were going way too fast ... there was no way I was going to let you hit me that hard'." Hargrove's injury itself was documented, the former trainer said, but he received no oral or written warning from SeaWorld management: If I had screwed up, it would have been documented in my file. And none of that exists. There is no documentation of anyone ever having a conversation with me over a run that was too dangerous, because it wasn't.

What I find really laughable about this video is Seaworld have chosen all the people who have be proven by official documented evidence to be liars, to call someone a liar.

Great call Seaworld, pick up your toys and put them back in the pram. Liars will NEVER prosper.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Why you should believe John Hargrove

The likes of Awesome Oceans' Eric Davis think its quite right to diss John Hargrove, seeming to forget how long he has worked with killer whales and how long he has served at Seaworld, so lets take a look.

In 1993 Hargrove, at age 20, was hired as an apprentice trainer at SeaWorld San Antonio.

 In 1995 was transferred to SeaWorld San Diego, where he worked until 2001, ultimately being promoted to a Senior Trainer at Shamu Stadium.

Immediately after resigning from SeaWorld California Hargrove was hired by Marineland in France. In France Hargrove conditioned and performed in-water interactions with orcas that had never been in the water with trainers before.

 He then left the industry until March of 2008, when he returned to SeaWorld in San Antonio where he was promoted to a Senior 1 trainer at Shamu Stadium.

 He worked there until resigning in August 2012. 

So in total since the age of 20 he served 14 years at Seaworld and 2 years at Marineland Antibes.

Only 7 days after resigning he was interviewed for Blackfish and prior to Blackfish being released was interviewed by CNN which you can see here 

Wasn't John Hargroves the same person who the Seaworld fans cheered and whooped for as he dove and swam with the killer whales during his 14 years in their shows? Isn't it a bit hypocritical to turn on him now for stating his opinion on how everything was behind the scenes.

There isn't just him to back up that story, for many years he worked with Bridgette Pirtle who also echoed his concerns in an interview given in 2013. She accuses Seaworld of lying over and over and not even trying to be subtle about it. 

Former SeaWorld trainer Bridgette Pirtle talked about why she decided to leave SeaWorld after 10 years as a killer whale trainer.
“To have the lies slowly unveiled to us even more so in a court of law, just seeing these people you trust your life with, you trust these animal’s lives with and they’re lying, and they’re not even trying to be subtle about it,” said Pirtle, who lives in San Antonio.
Pirtle fell in love with killer whales long before she got a chance to train them. A family trip to SeaWorld Orlando when she was three years old inspired her to pursue a career in killer whale training. After spending a couple years working as a food server at SeaWorld San Antonio, Pirtle was able to work her way up and become a senior trainer, a position she held for 10 years.
“(I thought) this is everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’m going to get these amazing opportunities to make a difference and to build up these relationships with these animals and to share this and we’re going to change the world,” Pirtle said.
But much like Hargrove, Pirtle said she saw her dream crumble.
“And then you go behind the scenes, and you start to realize that just like everything in life, there’s another side to things, and it’s still a business,” Pirtle said.
Hargrove agreed SeaWorld’s main concern is profit, and said its actions do not ensure the safety of the whales or the trainers.
“Their upmost priority is their profit. It’s not the animals, or we wouldn’t be taking calves away from their mother or re-artificially inseminating them their very first cycle that they have after they’ve given birth and nursing their young. We wouldn’t be putting whales in a pool that is eight feet deep for shows that they can’t even turn around in,” he said.
SeaWorld disputed these claims in its statement.
According to Hargrove and Pirtle, SeaWorld practices artificial insemination on killer whales to keep the gene line going, ensuring there are many Shamus for years to come. But Hargrove said these practices can be stressful to the animals, lead to inbreeding, and calves don’t always survive.
And even whales who have natural pregnancies in captivity face issues. Pirtle said Unna, one of the whales at Seaworld San Antonio, lost three calves during her time there, one of them in the middle of a show.
“One show a trainer was working with Unna in the slide out and something fell out of her. After the show, they continued on with the show, after the show they dove into the pool and picked up the pieces of a calf fetus,” Pirtle said..
Hargrove said in the future he would like to see an end to killer whale shows.
“There’s no dignity in those shows, there’s no dignity for the trainers, but I don’t care about the trainers at this point because the trainers can leave – like I left,” Hargrove said.

Are these not 2 of the trainers who those same Seaworld fans cheered for whilst they were doing what they wanted them to do? Aren't these still the same trainers or does it seem like a bit of toys out of the pram, now they are not doing what those same fans want them to do?
Of course even though many ex trainers say the same thing, its not Seaworld's fault is it?  They didn't see things they thought were wrong did they?They didn't both leave because they realised the lies Seaworld had spun over the deaths of their friends did they?

Who's fault was it then that trainers at Seaworld felt this way?

Even in the interview with Eric Davis who spends sooo much time trying his hardest to discredit anyone against Seaworld  here
Bridgette Pirtle stated when asked
What would Bridgette do if she was in charge of SeaWorld?  
“I would end animals for entertainment purposes, and stop the breeding program.”
Does Eric pull Bridgette down for stating this - NO so why is she different to anyone else, even when speaking to the self proclaimed hero of Seaworld she says she would end the shows and stop the breeding programme.

Then there is this which all the Seaworld fans try to make John seem like a liar for, yet they fail to realise that Seaworld themselves confirm the incident as John says it happened. As they take great pleasure in telling the likes of myself, research is the key, maybe they should have done some.

 Luckily for John the proof is there which proves both Kyle Kittleson and Wendy Rameriz as liars.

John states "Kyle Kittleson, told everybody I ran into a screen," Hargrove explained. "I do not know Kyle Kittleson, I have never worked with Kyle Kittleson, he has never done waterwork with killer whales and he was not there when this incident happened. Yet according to him, I ran into a jumbotron."
A personal low for the former trainer came via his colleague and good friend, Wendy Ramirez. Currently employed by SeaWorld, Ramirez outwardly lied, Hargrove said, when she filmed the video below and accused him of hitting, "his head on the side of a pool jumping into a shallow area." Ramirez then concluded, "it had nothing to do with the animals at all." 

 In direct contention with Ramirez' statement and Kyle Kittleson's  is SeaWorld's own 69-point critique of the 'Blackfish' documentary. "If you look at point 49," Hargrove explained, "SeaWorld writes in the first sentence that my injury 'had nothing whatsoever to do with any whale'. Yet in the next sentence," he added, "they describe me as doing a footpush into a stageslide. Did I jettison myself across the stage?"
Hargrove said SeaWord's final version of how he injured his face occurred during a park-wide employee meeting, held in San Diego in mid-May. An insider informed him that Robbin Sheets, the Assistant Curator at Shamu Stadium, had accused him of performing a dangerous maneuver with a killer whale:

In reality, I was doing the same run that I always did, the only difference was the speed of Corky, which was abnormal in that situation. That's what caused the injury to happen." Hargrove said he was jettisoned, "so abnormally fast by Corky, that it caused another senior trainer I was pre-planned to tackle on stage, to back out out of the way. (see video below for the same move)   This other trainer's own words at the time, were, "you were going way too fast ... there was no way I was going to let you hit me that hard'." Hargrove's injury itself was documented, the former trainer said, but he received no oral or written warning from SeaWorld management: If I had screwed up, it would have been documented in my file. And none of that exists. There is no documentation of anyone ever having a conversation with me over a run that was too dangerous, because it wasn't.

Read the full interview here
As Seaworld themselves confirmed the incident was from a footpush and therefore DID involve a whale, what do Kyle Kittleson and Wendy Rameriz have to say about that, Seaworld contradict them and therefore makes them out to be liars.

Ask yourself a few questions before believing everything that Seaworld have to say.
Why would long standing trainers give up the roles with animals they loved?
Why would Seaworld employees risk their own reputations by blatantly lying when the evidence is there from Seaworld itself?
Ask yourself, who was responsible for the deaths of those people in the orca tanks, when there had been sooo many warnings in their history?When were those trainers and orcas going to come first and why did it take the deaths of safety conscious experienced trainers to bring it to a halt? 
Lastly ask yourself why was Dawn and the other trainers in the water only 2 days after Keto killed Alex Martinez? His autopsy report shows Keto intentionally killed him, he wasn't drowned and Keto is a born and bred Seaworld orca, so why did Seaworld not give the death the same respect as Dawn's if they had Dawn would still be here.
Seaworld is lying, we know it, the evidence proves it and they know it too, the only people who need to see it for themselves is those who shout the loudest to support Seaworld. Look at their websites, their blogs and see how many lies they tell you too, Lies debunked with factual evidence over and over again.
Look at the biggest lie in court - SEAWORLD BLAMED DAWN FOR HER OWN DEATH, documented in the OSHA v Seaworld court files.
 Now tell me why you think these people are lying and Seaworld aren't! 
Does this look like someone who didn't love those whales, or does it look like someone who was fed up of the lies Seaworld told over and over which is echoed by ALL the trainers who have left? 


Tuesday 24 March 2015

Seaworld's So called Facts 1

 Seaworld are attempting to address the things they see as being lies.
This one Whales Live as long at Seaworld is very easily addressed in very few words.

Their article says

My name is Chris, and I’m a veterinarian at SeaWorld. My entire professional life has been focused on the care and welfare of animals, including killer whales.
You might have heard attacks from PETA saying our killer whales live only a fraction as long as whales in the wild. They say, “In captivity, orcas’ average life span plummets to just nine years.”
But the author of an independent study, Dr. Douglas DeMaster, of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, was quoted in The Wall Street Journal as saying, “Survival in the wild is comparable to survival in captivity.”
There’s no other way to say it … PETA is not giving you the facts.
SeaWorld has several killer whales in their 30s and one that is close to 50 — right in line with what is seen in the wild. In fact, a July 2014 Associated Press (AP) report analyzing 50 years of data from the federal Marine Mammal Inventory Report found that killer whales born at our parks “had an average life expectancy of 46 years.”
It’s frustrating that PETA gets a lot of attention by twisting statistics and falsely attacking us. As someone who cares for these incredible animals, their health and well-being is my priority every day. Just like doctors, we veterinarians take an oath. If PETA’s accusations were true, I wouldn’t work here.
When SeaWorld opened its doors 50 years ago, global understanding of killer whales was just beginning. The world has changed a lot since then, and SeaWorld has continued to change with it. Today, our whales live as long as those in the wild, and our study of them is helping conservationists better understand and protect killer whales and other marine animals everywhere.
– Chris Dold, Veterinarian, SeaWorld

The response - Remember this Mr Dold??   Also a Seaworld vet who stated he was working on a full set of Seaworld's own data and WHALES DO NOT LIVE AS LONG AT SEAWORLD.You need 30:00 to 34:00

Point made.

Thursday 5 March 2015

10 things you probably didn't know about SeaWorld activists BEGGING TO BE ANSWERED

This interesting view recently appeared and is just begging to be answered lol. 

You may of heard of these people who are basically against SeaWorld and try to tell people to stay away. But here are 10 things you might not know about SeaWorld activists.
10. Online SeaWorld activists like to be offensive, derogatory, and racist. Most SeaWorld activists that I know of get too far such as comparing SeaWorld supporters to nazis and orcas to jews, SeaWorld workers to ISIS and dolphins to Jordanian pilots. Almost ALL SeaWorld activists say that african-american slaves were the equivalent of all of SeaWorld’s animals. PETA who is a group that protests SeaWorld has even compared orcas to God’s children.
I would suggest you check Stand with Seaworld, what it is you call us, Peta Nazi's. I think you should also check out some of the things said to us, I have first hand experience of being called by Seaworld fans even being told they liked to f my dead mother. Lovely people!! What most people like me find is, if you refuse to be dragged into an argument and just keep giving facts and official document links, the Seaworld fans over and over resort to name calling as a defence and if that doesn't work they block you. 
There are many more if you want them.

9. SeaWorld activists assume that buying a single ticket to SeaWorld cause Taiji to kill 10,000 dolphins which is down right extremist. 20,000 visitors visit SeaWorld Orlando daily and 10,000 x 20,000 = 200,000,000. If this was true, then there would be no dolphins in the wild.
Take a look at Seaworld's collaboration in the wild caught industry here 
Fred Jacobs speaks for Seaworld not you and he said -  ‘We stopped [buying] and have not resumed, not because we are ashamed, but it was not something that we cared to be involved with any more.’
And the reason they say they cannot condemn other parks 
  “We do not want to be accused of being disingenuous,” Jacobs explained. “If we go to an aquarium in China and say ‘You guys should not be involved,’ the first thing out of their mouths will be, ‘Well, you did it,’ and we cannot argue that point.” See full interview here
Don't presume that Activist think buying one ticket is what Taiji is about when Seaworld themselves admit the marines parks would say ''Well you did it, and we cannot argue that point''

8. SeaWorld activists post many death threats toward people who support SeaWorld rescues and have said that SeaWorld’s rescues is the equivalent of a murderer giving money to homeless. SeaWorld has never killed any animals or has supported Taiji. 
Show me where they are as this one is total and utter lies. See above for Fred Jacobs SEAWORLD'S OWN SPOKEMAN on Taiji!
7. SeaWorld activists have claimed that SeaWorld killed Dawn Brancheau but it was Tilikum, an orca who thought that Dawn’s ponytail was a toy instead of the trainer he was working with.
Seaworld blamed Dawn for her own death, her autopsy report and consequent court case proved it was nothing to do with a pony tail at all. a bit of research before posting would be a good idea. Read the last line of this from the court transcript!

6. SeaWorld activists are against ANY organization, person, community, and company that owns whales or dolphins for any reason. No matter how well it has been cared for, been born in captivity, or if the cetacean has been rescued from harm or death. SeaWorld activists are against all zoos and aquariums. They’re even against dolphin rescue centers and sanctuaries.  
They are not against rescue and rehab centers as unfortunately there are no vet clinics in the ocean. What they are against is for reason like the pilot whales Seaworld 'rescued' not fit enough to be released, but fit enough to be in shows. Then of course there is JJ, Seaworld has to have credit that they did a good job, but also fail to tell people that is wasn't them who rescued her at all, and they refused to help, refused to provide transport and only took her after a massive press release. Check out her rescue and Seaworlds refusal here
5. SeaWorld activists have been known to hack many pro caps such as SeaWorld Isaac’s facebook page for speaking out the truth and SeaWorld San Diego’s twitter was possibly hacked for being an official SeaWorld account. Cyber bullying has been stopped many times and future incidents will likely not happen in the future.
Who the heck is Seaworld Isaac and what makes you think any sort of hacking is down to any activist? 
4. SeaWorld activists claim they care about animals living in SeaWorld yet they never tried any attempt to airlift them into the wild which can harm the animals with diseases and a wild environment they have never experienced before. They think holding signs while yelling like children is brave and helps animals. The animals might be annoyed with these protesters and would rather enjoy the upcoming Blue World Project.
How do you know they would rather enjoy the Blue World project lol? Of course they never tried any attempt to airlift them into the wild! Why would you say something like that? 
On the other hand Seaworld regular moved their orcas around when it suited them for breeding purposes, separating mothers from their offspring,  and sent their 'excess' orcas to Spain, and often fly orcas around the country without a thought for their wellbeing, its not the protestors that do that it is Seaworld themselves.

Take note of the Seaworld wetsuits!
3. SeaWorld activists on Facebook and Twitter say that when they get blocked by SeaWorld supporters, it means they couldn’t handle the “truth” yet most of them block SeaWorld supporters for speaking out the real truth and exposing lies of the activists.
This is also not true at all, my page has never had anyone blocked, but ALL the Seaworld pages and those written by Eric block everyone with a differing opinion, have you ever thought it is because they don't want you to see the truth. when was the last time one of those pages posted a Seaworld animal profile? When did they post a necropsy report, a court report, a vet report? They don't because they don't want you to find things out for yourself and many of you don't want to go and look either. 
Take for instance the FACT that Seaworld orcas ARE given tranquilizing drugs, the fact that a nursing mother was given the same drugs. That isn't made up that is a documented FACT. When did Seaworld pages post that for you to read as it is most definitely proven truth, see for yourself. 
2. SeaWorld activists have donated organizations that kill animals for no reason such as PETA. They feel that humans should never have interaction with any other animal for any reason. They rather see pets die than be owned by people

Once again you are clearly falling into the distraction hype that Seaworld shill pages give the likes of you. PETA is one organisation protesting against Seaworld. Many activists protest them too as they do not agree with the kill policy. Sick and suffering animals fair enough but not healthy ones as in the case of Maya.  However Seaworld try to shift the focus onto that rather than onto what they themselves have done, in their short 50 years all these cetaceans have died in Seaworld tanks and PETA had nothing to do with that, PETA didn't have any access to Seaworld tanks or their inhabitants Seaworld own those deaths by themselves and need to explain them all. Check out the Marine Mammal Inventory they are all documented there as Seaworld has to report the deaths and they can all be seen by everyone
1. Some of the former SeaWorld trainers that so called “care” for the animals, have abused animals. Sea lion trainer Dean Gomersall was fired by SeaWorld for kicking an otter he wanted to perform. Orca trainer Jeffrey Venture was fired for putting his head into an orca mouth that caused it to be aggressive. SeaWorld has fired them for one good reason. They want their animals to stay safe. 
Once again yo haven't researched this either. 
Dean Gomersall - 
One day he was doing a training session with two small-clawed river otters, called Trixie and Bubba. The session involved sending the two otters to a target, and then calling one to the exit gate (the other was supposed to remain on the target). No big deal, except Trixie was in heat. Gomersall could call Bubba to the gate without any problem, while Trixie remained in the enclosure, on the target. But if he called Trixie to the gate, Bubba would not stay on the target, and would not let her go. With the session going poorly, Gomersall took a break, and left to go work with some other animals. Before he did, he slid down the plastic slider on the exit gate, which was used to keep the otters from messing with any other otters on the other side of the gate.Fifteen minutes later he returned, opened the gate, and saw blood all over the floor of the enclosure. As best Gomersall could figure, Bubba must have stuck his nose under the gate as Gomersall was dropping the slider down, and the slider cut Bubba’s nose (Gomersall hadn’t noticed anything because you can’t see through the slider). He immediately called for help and Bubba was treated.
See the full account here  

Jeff Ventre was not fired for putting his head in an orcas mouth either so once again you have that all wrong - 
After achieving the title of “Senior Trainer,” Jeffrey Ventre was fired from SeaWorld for kissing a whale’s tongue, breaking their tongue tactile protocol.

 This was the incident involving Jeff Ventre, that also was not as Seaworld stated, but when people became disillusioned with Seaworld, their usual response is to lie and they did again. Trainers at Seaworld were still doing this long after Jeff had gone.

So you probably now know. Those crazy people that say orcas are the equivalent of african american slaves, are also hypocritical.

 Without sounding offensive this article makes you look stupid as you have researched nothing at all, provided no factual evidence and proved that most Seaworld fans are lead along by hype and NOT by actual FACTS. Court transcripts, necropsy reports, autopsy reports etc are legal documents which cannot be altered or be fictitious. The judges and medical examiners have no agenda, no business to protect with lies, they are just doing their jobs and whether the facts prove that Seaworld and their shill pages are actually lying to the fans has no consequence to them, their priority is to do the job they are paid to do regardless of who is affected by it, the truth is the truth.

Maybe now you will research these things for yourself and see that the things you have been led to believe are actually not true before you put things like this into a document. 

Maybe now you will ask those pages you frequent, why don't they post official paperwork? Why don't they post the court cases, the autopsy reports when they know that Seaworld are covering things up.

There are many FACTS, LINKS, DOCUMENTS here, go and take a look for yourself and educate yourself as to why people protest Seaworld, what scientists know about the orcas and check how many trainer and near death incidents it took before those poor trainers were taken out of the water. 
Maybe then you will see the true Seaworld you seem to want to try to protect!