Thursday 30 January 2014

All These Parks Buy from the Taiji Drive Hunt

All these Parks Buy from the Taiji Drive Hunt

Parks That Buy Their Dolphins From The Taiji Drive Hunt
Please click the park names for buying details
as contact information is added to the Facebook page


You can help take away the market for dolphins and pilot whales caught at the Taiji Drive Hunts by not attending any of these parks.  Don't buy a ticket, don't support this awful industry.

When tweeting I simply type in the park name, click All and send this to all those who have visited

 This park buys from Taiji. PLEASE don't buy a ticket. No market - no slaughter.

It seems to be working with the Japanese visitors. 

All capture information is with the photograph, the photographs (on the Captive Cetacean FB page) are in the same order as the list. Big job to let all their visitors know where their entertainment came from but has to be done.

China, Beijing Aquarium 北京海洋馆
China, Changsha Underwater World 长沙海底世界
China, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park
China, Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World 大连圣亚海洋世界
China, Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo
China, Fushun Royal Sea World
China, Guangzhou Ocean World 广州海洋馆
China, Haichang Polar Ocean World Chengdu 成都海昌极地海洋世界
China, Haichang Polar Ocean World Qingdao
China, Haichang Polar Ocean World Tianjin 天津海昌极地海洋世界
China, Haichang Polar Ocean World Wuhan 海昌武汉极地海洋世界
China, Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park 杭州极地海洋公园
China, Hefei Sea World 合肥海洋世界
China, Nancheng Zoo 南昌海洋公园
China, Nanjing Underwater World
China, Ningbo Ocean World 宁波神凤海洋
China, Ocean Aquarium of Penglai 蓬莱极地海洋世界
China, Quancheng Polar Ocean World 泉城极地海洋世界
China, Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World 上海长风海洋世界
China, Shanhaiguan Happy Ocean Park 山海关欢乐海洋公园
China, Suzhou Ocean Aquarium 苏州水族馆
China, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World 小梅沙海洋世界
China, Weihai Xixiakou Safari
China, Xi'an Qujiang Ocean World
China, Xiangjiang Safari Park 香江野生动物世界
China, Zhengzhou Aquarium
Egypt - Dolphina Hurghada

Egypt - Dolphina Sharm El Sheikh 
Egypt -  Dolphin World Makadi Bay
Georgia, Republic of Batumi Aquarium
Iran, Kish Dolphin Park, Kish Island
Korea, South Jangsaengpo Whale Museum
Korea South, Seoul Zoo
South Pacific Land
Mexico - Cabo Adventures.
Palau - Dolphins Pacific
Philippines, Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Russia, Primorye Oceanarium
Saudi Arabia, Fakieh Aquarium
Taiwan, Hualien Farglory Ocean Park
Thailand, Safari World
Tunisia Friguia Park
Turkey, Sealanya
Ukraine, Dolphinarium NEMO
United Arab Emirates, Dubai Dolphinarium
United States, Hawaii Inst. of Marine Biology
Vietnam, Bao Son Paradise Park
Japan, Aqua World / Oarai Aquarium

Japan. Awashima Marine Park 淡島マリンパーク
Japan, Asamushi Aquarium
Japan, Dolphin Fantasy (Marine Road)
Japan, Dolphin Farm
Japan, Daikokou Dolphin Land
Japan, Dolphin Island (Oita)
Japan, Echizen Matsushima Aquarium
Japan, Enoshima Aquarium
Japan, Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

Japan, Futami Sea Paradise  
Japan, Inubosak Marine Park
Japan, Iruka Park Iki
Japan, Ise-Shima Marine Leisure / Irukajima (Toba)
Japan, Izu-Mito Sea Paradise
Japan, Japanese Dolphin Center
Japan, Kagoshima City Aquarium
Japan, Kamogawa Sea World
Japan, Katsurahama Aquarium 桂浜水族館
Japan, Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park Aquarium
Japan, Kinosaki Marine World
Japan, Kujukushima Aquarium (Saikai Pearl Sea Resort)
Japan, Kyoto Aquarium 京都水族館
Japan, Marine World Uminonakamichi
Japan, Minamichita Beach Land / 南知多ビーチランド
Japan, Misaki Amusement Park / みさき公園
Japan, Motobu Genki Mura もとぶ元気村
Japan, Muroto Dolphin Center / 室戸ドルフィンセンター
Japan, Nanki Shirahama Adv. World
Japan, New Yashima Aquarium / 新屋島水族館
Japan, Niigata City Aquarium / マリンピア日本海
Japan. Noboribetsu Marine Park Nixe
Japan, Notojima Aquarium / のとじま水族館

Japan, Oita Umitamago Aquarium 
Japan, Okinawa Marine Research Center (Onna)
Japan, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Japan, Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium
Japan, Otaru Aquarium / おたる水族館
Japan, Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Japan, Taiji Dolphin Resort
Japan, Taiji Whale Museum
Japan, Taiji harbour pens
Japan, Shimoda Floating Aquarium / 下田海中水族館
Japan, Shimoneseki Municpal Aquarium / 海響館
Japan, Shinagawa Aquarium
Japan, Suma Aqualife Park 

Japan, Wakayama Marina City Dolphin Park
Japan, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Please sign and share my petition and ask the Chinese Premier to stop China buying from the Taiji drive hunt.

ISANA is the joint publication of the Japan Fisheries Association and the Japan Whaling Association YOU CAN CONTACT THEM HERE to tell them to stop the hunt.

Yoshimasa Hayashi Please share so people can tell him their opinions on the drive hunt, whaling and dumping babies at sea to starve to death.


Japanese embassy contact details across the globe

Ask the International Whaling Commission to give small cetaceans the same protection as their larger relatives.

The petition is nearly at its target.

Airlines transporting dolphins - List is attached below and facebook and websites here

The so called "trainers" in Taiji are involved in the slaughter. Please sign the petition to get them stopped

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