Friday 17 January 2014

Largest Bottlenose Dolphin Pod with Baby Albino Dolphin, Captured in Taiji Japan on January 17th, 2014

Sea Shepard Cove Guardian's photo of the January 17th, 2014 Dolphin Drive at Taiji Japan

Largest Bottlenose Dolphin Pod with a Baby Albino Dolphin, Captured in Taiji Japan on January 17th, 2014 (locally in Japan),  Taiji "fishermen" drive the largest dolphin pod of approximately 250 family members into The Cove to await the next day, without food, for selection for the captive dolphin industry, and the rest will be horribly slaughtered for dolphin meat.  Killing dolphins and small whales is called "tradition" by the Taiji fishermen.

Among the dolphin family is a baby albino dolphin (Angel) with it's mother, it's believed that it will be selected for captivity since it would fetch a big selling price due to it's rarity.  Since it is so young, hopefully it's mother will be kept with it and not slaughtered, though that would be too humane a thing for these awful "fishermen" to do, so it is likely that they will be separated. This little, white dolphin will become a focal point to bring more attention to this awful industry since we can see it as an individual and follow it to see what aquarium it will end up at and live out the rest of it's now shortened life in captivity.

Sea Shepard Cove Guardians livestreamed the capture and will be livestreaming the selection process as well.  You can see the photo gallery of this capture at this LINK as well as the Cove Guardians article describing this sad event.

This poor mother dolphin will protect her calf as long as she can, but ultimately she and her family will lose their freedom and lives.  She, her family and other dolphins swimming past Taiji need our help to stop this horrific business.  You can help by sharing what is happening to all your friends, and never buy at ticket to any aquarium that has dolphins or whales, and by not buying a ticket to swim with dolphins programs.

Albino calf with it's mother trapped in the Jan 17th, 2014 dolphin drive at Taiji. 
Photo from Sea Shepard Cove Guardian

Please read more about this tragic story of the 250+ dolphin pod with a baby albino dolphin that happened over 5 days:
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Day 2 - First Day of Captive Selection:
Day 2 - Baby Albino Dolphin, Angel, is Taken First into Captivity
Day 3 - Horrific Second Day of Captive Selection Continues
Day 4 - Third Day of Captive Selection Continues
Day 5 - The slaughter of 40 of the remaining dolphins who have survived so far and release and drive back out to sea of the exhausted, injured, traumatized and starving dolphins.

Angels life since capture 

This needs to stop - please help contact these people and get these petitions on their way LETS STOP THIS EVER HAPPENING AGAIN Please go here

~ Kindness for Animals

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