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Awesome Ocean - Eric Davis - Absolute Bullies and Factually Incorrect Again!

I think this time Awesome Ocean have completely stepped over the mark. 

Whether Seaworld are panicking, Eric Davis is panicking or whatever the reason to attack someone like this over what they believe is really out of order. 

The other side of this is, for some reason Eric seems to believe that people protest at Seaworld because Ellen says so, how wrong can someone be lol. 

His closing statement is  
Welcome to the world of the people who brought you the movie Blackfish. The people who say anything to get you to conform to their world view.It is time that we stop listening to radicals and start listening to reason. While she is out screaming and handing out thousands of pounds of literature, places like SeaWorld are donating millions to save the Southern Resident Killer Whales and other marine animals and personally rescuing tens of thousands more.
So who's telling the truth?
Who's the real animal hero?

I think it is about time someone told Eric why people protest Seaworld and seeing as Blackfish is such a massive issue to him, I will ignore it altogether.
The reason people protest Seaworld is because of Seaworld themselves, some of those reasons are below. Remember Blackfish won't be mentioned at all so it takes it completely out of the equation so people like him cannot use it as a divertion from what people know has gone on in those tanks, Blackfish wasn't thought about until after Tilikum killed Dawn and came from that incident, people however have been protesting Seaworld long long before then.

Firstly all these incidents have happened between trainers and the killer whales, all prior to the incident in 2010. As you can see Seaworld's own animal profiles are linked to them, the incidents where it says bumped etc, are not passed off as nothing, they were deemed serious enough to be recorded by Seaworld themselves on their own Animal Profiles. These incidents were not recorded by activists they were recorded by Seaworld including the one with Tilikum and Dawn.
See them all with their links here 

Next, Seaworld has and still does collaborate in the wild caught industry. In 2012 they applied for a permit to import a Japanese dolphin. Last year they took a pilot whale called Argo from the same park. This is not ancient history as Seaworld would have you believe this is current.
 In 2001, SeaWorld Orlando supplied Ocean Park in Hong Kong, China with California sea lions and Harbor seals. Ocean Park HK buys dolphins from Taiji and has been linked with the recent Russian captures.
They are also named as recipients in the Georgia Aquarium importation of Belugas, taking more of the Belugas than any of the other parks. This is also current.

On this link you can see the Taiji drive hunt has never been tradition and Seaworld collaborated with these people at that time. Worse still is that they thought the lie that they were 'rescuing' these creatures from slaughter would suffice, when in reality everyone knows that it is the captive industry keeping this drive hunt alive, if it wasn't for the captive industry there would be no hunt. Seaworld were not rescuing them at all they were perpetuating it.

Old newspaper reports also show that Seaworld played down or tried to hide the incidents happening in their parks. Daniel Dukes was passed off as a drunk drug fuelled vagrant who jumped into the wrong tank. This too was far from the truth and Seaworld still maintain they do not know Tilikum's involvement. Daniel Dukes autopsy report shows a completely different story, it shows both pre and post mortem injuries, his scrotum was completely torn off and on reporting about his parents lawsuit against Seaworld the press stated ''The lawsuit contends that puncture wounds on Dukes leg and foot are consistent with him having been pulled into the pool by Tilikum''. Many years later Tilikum once again pulled a someone into the water, so this could actually be the case, but no transparency has been forthcoming from Seaworld.

Next there is the gene pool. In the wild it has been proven from DNA sampling that a transient and a resident orca have never interbred, nor have members of differing groups, i.e. Icelandic and Southern Resident,  the only cross breeds like this are in Seaworld tanks. As an institution who supposedly promote conservation, why would they breed animals with no conservation value what so ever as they have no equivalents in the wild. These animals are condemned to a life of captivity as they can never be released into the open ocean for fear of them contaminating the wild gene pool.
As we know Kalia is currently pregnant as Seaworld have a research team there, why would they allow that as Kalia is also a hybrid orca.

Seaworld's orcas - 
Katina             -wild caught Icelandic
Tilikum            -wild caught Icelandic

Kayla              -HYBRID - mother  Keanu (Icelandic W) Father Orky 2 (A5 Northern Resident)

Trua               - Icelandic - mother Takara (Icelandic C) Father Taku (Katina, W Tilikum both Icelandic W)

Nalani            - INBRED Icelandic mother Katina (Icelandic ) Father Taku - (Katina, Tilikum both Icelandic)

Malia            - 2nd Generation HYBRID C - mother Taima (Gudrun Icelandic/ Kanduke Transient) Father Tilikum

Makaio         - Icelandic C - mother Katina(Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Corky 2       - Northern Resident wild all 7 calves deceased

Kasatka       -  Icelandic wild

Ulises           -  Icelandic wild caught  1 calf by AI to Wikie in France

Orkid           - HYBRID - mother Kandu V (Icelandic wild) Father Orky 2 (A5 Northern Resident wild)

Keet           - 2nd Ge HYBRID - mother Kalina C (Hybrid KatinaW/WinstonW) Father Kotar (Icelandic)

Shouka        - Icelandic Captive - mother Sharkan (Icelandic wild) Father Kim 2 (Icelandic wild)

Nakai         - Icelandic - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Ikaika         - Icelandic C - mother Katina (Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Takara      -  Icelandic CAPTIVE - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) father Kotar (Icelandic W)
Kalia          - HYBRID - mother Katina (Icelandic W) Father Winston (Southern Resident W)

Makani      -  HYBRID - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) Father Kshamenk (Unknown pod W)

Kyuquot    - Icelandic C - mother Haida 2 (Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Unna         - Icelandic C - mother Katina (Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Tuar          - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Kalina C(Hybrid Katina/Winston father Tilikum W

Sakari      -  Icelandic - mother Takara,(Icelandic C)  Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Kamea    - HYBRID - mother Takara (Icelandic C) Father Kshamenk (unknown pod W)

Skyla      - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Kalina C(Katina I/Winston SR) father Tilikum W

Kohana   - Icelandic C - mother Takara C (Icelandic) Father Tilikum (Icelandic)

Tekoa     - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Taima C(mother Gudrun Icelandic, father Kanduke Transient) Father Tilikum

Keto     - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Kalina C(Katina I /Winston SR) father Kotar (Icelandic W)

Adan    - 3rd generation INBRED HYBRID C - mother Kohana (Icelandic C) Father Keto, Hybrid C

Morgan  - wild caught

Disease - Seaworld state their facilities are free from Pathogens, Bacteria, Diseases found in the wild. This is also NOT TRUE. The necropsy reports for their deceased orcas show a totally different picture. Fungus infections, abcess's, stress ulcers, Viral  Leptomenigitis, Candidiasis, numerous deaths from pneumonia, Zygomycosis. The links to the necropsy reports can be see here
Recent reports state
Most cases of marine mammal pneumonia have significant bacterial involvement, and most organisms cultured from terrestrial species have been identified in marine mammals. Pneumonia often can be considered the result of mismanagement. Here

So as you can see it is NOT TRUE that those tanks are a better environment for those orcas at all.
When Dawn died Seaworld were adamant and pretended to be upset that they were being accused of blaming Dawn for her own death. When copies of court transcripts were made public, this is what was said. 
Jeff Andrews BLAMED Dawn for her own death!! 

In 2006 Seaworld sent 4 'excess' orcas to Loro Parque. What made Skyla, Keto, Tekoa and Kohana, 'excess'? Whilst trying to do some recent damage control Seaworld had Wendy Rameriz release a video stating, 'why would we do that' when discussing the separation of Takara, Kasatka and Kohana. Well why would you do that as the physical evidence is there for all to see Takara lives in the USA and Kohana was sent to Spain???
Seaworld gave excuses for Tilikum, but what excuse is there for Keto killing Alix Martinez, he is a Seaworld orca born and bred, Alex had been for training at Seaworld San Diego, he was under the supervision of Brian Rokeach, competent Seaworld trainer and Julie Scardina said Seaworld supervised every second of the day at Loro Parque so what reason does Seaworld have for his death? It wasn't until the death of Dawn that people started really looking into it, it was swept under the carpet and had Seaworld taken the trainers out of the water as they did after Dawn's death, then Dawn would still be here, so what is the excuse? The events of that day and leading up to his death can be read here

Babies having babies and separation
No matter how hard Seaworld protest, the physical evidence of mothers being separated from their offspring is there for all to see.
Scientists have researched and documented that
Females typically gave birth to their first viable calf at 14.1 years of age (SE=0.050; range 10-21 years) and those that survived produced a total of 4.7 calves at mean intervals of 4.9 years (SE=0.18; range 2-11 years) over a reproductive lifespan typically lasting about 24 years.So why do Seaworld orcas to be pregnant  at only 6 years old??? 
The videos Seaworld released trying to address this issue were absolute lies, you can see why here

The list of reasons people protest could go on and on, but as you can see none of them have anything what so ever to do with Blackfish, they have to do with 45 dead orcas in 50 years, 243 dead dolphins in 50 years, orcas being named the same thing so as to deceive the public when one died, Canuck, Canuck2, Nootka 1 to 6, Orky 1 and 2, Corky 1 and 2 etc and that is the reason all the orcas are called Shamu as the deaths were so regular and in the early days the paying public could not tell when one was replaced. I would dare say that today, some of the day visitors wouldn't be able to tell from a distance either. As for the dolphins, they are more alike than the orca's and no one could tell how regularly they were being replaced the numbers show an average of 5 per year.  It doesn't matter whether they were reported to the officials or not, the deception was for the public not for those working with or being reported to. 
The previous trainers -  taking the Blackfish trainers out of the equation again there is this from former trainer Bridgette Pirtle (now Davis) In this article she states  

This from a trainer who writes for Awesome Ocean, and who Seaworld supporters trust and like. She may well have fallen out with Blackfish the movie, but this statement isn't about Blackfish it is about her feeling towards Seaworld' itself and states many of those taking care of the animals are fighting for the same. 
As you can see from the picture here people have been protesting since the days of Namu. In the UK dolphinariums closed in the 90's due to pressure from activists and scientists were listened too and they knew way back then that this wasn't the right environment for these cetaceans.

Seaworld and people like Eric has kept the focus on Blackfish, not the activists, that movie was just the catalyst for those who didn't know before. Seaworld know what the issues are as they have changed their visuals away from the orcas who used to dominate their websites, to rescues. This again is another diversion tactic as although rescues are to be commended no one has ever protested them and they have nothing what so ever to do with the plight of those captives.

Then there is as in this article Eric has written about Ellen, the attacks on anyone who tries to put forward scientific or researched information. As you can see here, every one of these people have been called activists or extremists. They are proven scientists and whale researchers, unlike Seaworld when Blackfish asked them for their opinion they gave it, had Seaworld done the same when they were asked would they also be activists then??? 

Lastly lets take a look at some of the things Eric has done, this also involves Ellen below.

On his Stand with Seaworld facebook page he organised the Protest the protestors event
This was the result of that once again you can see Ellen here with the policemen.
Ellen being abused by one of his protestors
and again

ellen with police whilst watching the protestors continue their abuse

Even the police couldn't hide his amusement at this idiot.

This was the culminating video, those who frequent Stand with Seaworld will recognise the people involved
Eric Davis at the protest the protestors event.
I think it is ridiculous for Eric to be calling Ellen who at the end of the day organises peaceful protests, when his two attempts at organising protests to protest her have ended up with abusive behaviour like this. Are these the sort of people Seaworld support??

Along with the event above and the bullying below, Is this really the sort of person you associate with.

Once again Blackfish the movie hasn't entered into any of the evidence provided as people like me don't need it, as we know there are hundreds of reasons people protest and people would still protest if the film had never been made. The people who do need Blackfish are people like Eric so they can use the film as a diversion tactic, find people to try to discredit and try to blind anyone who did support Seaworld who now wants to find some facts of their own. Those facts are in Seaworld's own animal profiles, their own necropsy reports, in autopsy reports and court transcripts and I hope you take the time to read them above even if it doesn't change your mind, an informed decision is much better than a blind one.

As Eric said himself 
''So who's telling the truth?''
Check out the links to all the documents above and find out for yourself!! 

The leader of the anti-SeaWorld movement in San Diego.
Want to get to know who's behind the protest at SeaWorld San Diego each week? Want to know who will say anything to convince you of her crusade?
Meet Ellen from San Diego. If you live in the area, you may recognize her from TV. She has perfected screaming in righteous indignation. She has the all important bull horn - a staple in the activist tool bag. She's the leader of the protests in front of SeaWorld San Diego.
She'll do anything to force her world view on you.
Why would someone engage in that kind of activity? The better question is, why would you follow this person?
While sympathizing with Ellen in the wake of viewing the movie Blackfish may seem easy, the truth behind her activism may prompt more regular people to reconsider her version of the truth.
You see, like most of the activists feeding misinformation to the public about SeaWorld, it's not really just about one righteous cause.
It's about forcefully seeking to change the way everyone lives because she knows better.
Ellen spends her weekdays hassling train riders who eat foods she doesn't approve of. She plasters stickers and radical vegan pamphlets all over stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Her zealous passion is at best frightening because she demands all others adopt the lifestyle she adopted in 2011.
Does that sound like someone who would let truth or objectivity stand in the way forcing you to change your behavior? For radicals, the ends always justify the means.
So aside from SeaWorld, we want to share with you the most likely places you would encounter Ellen and her radical gang:
Joan Rivers died? Eh, good riddance 
Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1
You will find her outside McDonald's
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.31.23 PM
You will find her outside KFC
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.36.09 PM
You will find her outside the San Diego Zoo
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.08.40 AM
You will find her inside In-N-Out Burger
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.00.19 AM
You will find her outside Wal-Mart
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.52.03 PM
You will find her on the train
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.40.49 PM
You will find her at a Trader Joes
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.42.03 PM
You will find her outside a Farm
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.26.54 PM
You will find her outside a Movie Theater
Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 12.59.00 AM
You will find her outside a Circus
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.14.56 PM
You will find her outside a Department Store
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.54.05 PM
You will find her outside the Horse Tracks
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.11.16 PM
Ellen and her radical group are not content with people making their own choices, they will only be satisfied when everyone complies with their lifestyle, their world view, even if that means passing laws.
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.41.12 PM
There is no middle ground with Ellen, there is no compromise.  Ellen isn't alone, and she isn't unique, she represents the radical fringe of the animal rights movement.
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.42.24 PM
Is there anything she won't protest?
Welcome to the world of the people who brought you the movie Blackfish. The people who say anything to get you to conform to their world view.
It is time that we stop listening to radicals and start listening to reason. While she is out screaming and handing out thousands of pounds of literature, places like SeaWorld are donating millions to save the Southern Resident Killer Whales and other marine animals and personally rescuing tens of thousands more.
So who's telling the truth?
Who's the real animal hero?

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