Wednesday 26 February 2014

2013/2014 Taiji Drive Hunt Record and Figures

2013/2014 Taiji Drive Hunt Record and Figures

Tools of the trade, rods, hammer and plugs

Thank you to the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and Ric O'Barry's Cove Monitors without which no one would be aware of the goings on in the cove.

There were 54 days of successful drives during the 179 day period from 1st September to 26th February, so although it didn't actually feel like it, 125 days were blue cove days.

The hunt season per day links will take you to the Sea Shepherd cove Guardians albums.

After the global attention brought to Taiji from the huge bottlenose capture and the appearance of Angel Shoujo, many countries have held protests at Japanese Embassies across the globe, Ministers and Ambassadors have expressed their condemnation of the hunt, and hopefully this will be the last hunt we see. 

The person able  to stop the drive hunt is Shinzo Abe Prime Minister of Japan as whilst the fishermen keep stating it is legal they will not stop it. The hunt didn't start until 1969 so it is NOT tradition as they claim, nor is it Taiji culture. Many many whaling towns closed when the IWC introduced the whaling ban and now many of those towns flourish embracing their whaling history as a tourist destination. The other drive hunting town of Futo is doing exactly that and is now also asking the people of Taiji to follow suit.

There are many petitions in our petition folder but the one relevant at the moment is here, please sign it and hopefully we will never see this drive hunt again.

                                                  September 1, 2013 Bottlenose dolphins
First day of the season and 60 bottlenose dolphins are driven into the cove.

Captive selection begins

  September 4, 2013 ~ 6 Captive Bottlenose Dolphins Transferred

6 bottle nose dolphins transferred in the concrete cells of Dolphin Resort

These dolphins were driven for 7 hours, as you can see from the picture, they were so exhausted the babies couldn't keep up.

                                    September 7th, 2013 Bottlenose Dolphin Captive Selection

13 Bottlenose dolphins were taken for a life of captivity today in Taiji.

The pod of approximately 30-35 Pilot Whales clung together in the center of the cove, where they will be held overnight until they are slaughtered just after sunrise tomorrow morning

One of the largest of the pod, the monarch female struggled for over an hour under the tarps as the other juvenile whales continued to linger by her side.

Four babies were dumped back out at sea, but not before they witnessed their mothers brutally slaughtered in front of them

The enormously large dorsal fin of the matriarch in comparison to the size of the skiffs.

16 killed Killing boats drive remain pod back out to sea

1 juvenile taken into captivity 10 slaughtered

4 taken captive, 4 killed, this baby dumped alone at sea

11 dolphins all killed

Still alive under the tarp 12 taken captive 33 killed

9 dolphins killed 4 babies dumped back out at sea

No one will ever forget the cry from that matriarch, it reached into the soul.  

25 driven into the cove, 3 taken captive, 18 killed  and 4 babies dumped back at sea

1 taken captive, the remaining 40-45 went in a frenzy, throwing themselves on the rocks in sheer terror, eventually they were all slaughtered.

A small family of 6 Risso's dolphins were driven into the cove, none were spared.

7 taken captive, 2 taken straight to Dolphin Base, 4 were slaughtered

Small family of 5 Risso's captured, 1 taken straight to Dolphin Base 4 slaughtered

25 driven, 17 slaughtered, rest driven out to sea

10 bottlenose dolphins taken captive, the remaining dolphins stay in the cover overnight

35 dolphins slaughtered, 30 juveniles and babies driven back out to sea.

35 striped dolphins including the babies were slaughtered in the shallows

35-40 adults, juveniles and babies like this one were slaughtered none spared

22 Risso's were driven straight under the tarps and slaughtered

A 3 hour drive to capture 3 bottlenose dolphins, take 1 into captivity and 2 killed

30-40 dolphins were killed, wooden plugs are put into the stab wounds to stop the cove turning red with blood. as you see from the water they don't work.


A family of 10 Risso's were all slaughtered today

Family of 12 risso's all killed with no mercy

4 white sided dolphin taken into captivity.

8 Risso's driven into the cove, including babies and juveniles all slaughtered

6 dolphins driven in 3 frightened calves watched as 3 adults were slaughtered and they were dumped at sea with little chance of survival

34 driven in, 1 taken captive, 18 slaughtered and the traumatized remaining members driven back to sea

60-70 dolphins driven in in 2 pods. Separated by nets they try to comfort each other as they stay trapped overnight

13 captured, 24 murdered and the remaining left to swim in the blood of their relatives until late afternoon then drivin back to sea

An entire pod of 40-45 striped dolphins were slaughtered, none were spared.

15 Risso's dolphins all lost their lives in the cove

60 spotted dolphins driven in, 10 were taken captive and the rest were slaughtered, juveniles and babies included

 17th January 2014 - very unique day, 5 drive ins netted 250 bottlenose dolphins including one albino calf named Angel Shoujo.
 This has been documented on the blog Here

 18th January 2014 Here
19th January 2014 Here
20th January 2014 Here
21st January 2014 Here

52 captives
41 deaths
130-140 driven back out to sea

 The Public and Media Worldwide erupted during this capture and the taking of Angel to the Taiji Whale Museum 

28 striped dolphins were slaughtered and thrown into the skiffs

40-45 dolphins were driven including juveniles and babies. 6 were taken captive and the rest were slaughtered.

4 dolphins were manhandled into the skiffs and all taken into captivity

60 - 65 dolphins all lost their life this day.

A family of 10 were all slaughtered

14 dolphins were driven in, 3 were taken captive and 11 were slaughtered.

70-80 were driven in, 30-35 were released, the rest were slaughtered.

 The Fisheries Minister issued the quota of 2013/2014 QUOTA: 2,013 total animals from seven species

Since the start of the season on September 1st, 2013 a total of 1,450 dolphins from six species have been driven into the cove in Taiji, Japan.
Of this total 834 were slaughtered, 158 were live-capture and 457 were released.

There were well short of the quota's which you would think will make them look at how they work them out
They still had 292 bottlenose left in quota
  70         false killer whales - caught none
284        Pantropical spotted dolphins
126        Pacific white sided dolphins - only caught 8
  67        Risso's dolphins
  75        Short finned pilot whales
107        Striped dolphins

The quota was 1021 dolphins short, they caught under half the quota given!!!

Bottlenose : 566 caught · 144 killed · 121 live-capture · 300 released · 265 total take · quota = 557 · 292 more allowed

False Killer Whale : 000 caught · 000 killed · 000 live-capture · 000 released · 000 total take · quota = 070 · 070 more allowed

Pantropical Spotted : 116 caught · 101 killed · 015 live-capture · 000 released · 116 total take · quota = 400 · 284 more allowed

Pacific White-sided : 008 caught · 000 killed · 008 live-capture · 000 released · 008 total take · quota = 134 · 126 more allowed

Risso's : 233 caught · 186 killed · 012 live-capture · 035 released · 198 total take · quota = 265 · 067 more allowed

Short-finned Pilot : 149 caught · 061 killed · 001 live-capture · 087 released · 062 total take · quota = 137 · 075 more allowed

Striped : 378 caught · 342 killed · 001 live-capture · 035 released · 343 total take · quota = 450 · 107 more allowed

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  1. Such a sad summary you had to do. But thank you, you did an excellent job!! So many babies pushed back out without the parents to help them survive.... how can human be so cruel..

    1. Thank you, I truly believe they must be emotionally numb to not feel anything when they do this, it is just not normal human behaviour to repeat this over and over.