Sunday 12 April 2015

Seaworld liars v John Hargrove

I love the way Seaworld deal with things and their choice of people to argue a case.

You could call this article spot the liar really but lets look at it

Firstly the video opens with Steve Aibel, who wasn't far from being a statistic himself. He must have forgotten that Kyuquot did this to him

Next up is Jeff Andrews saying 'he says one thing one day and another another day'. Bit hypocritical from the VERY man who stood up and lied in court blaming Dawn Brancheau for her own death admitting that he hadn't even read the Orange County reports or seen the autopsy reports. Seaworld have always maintained since, that they never blamed Dawn.
This is a huge lie as Jeff Andrews did EXACTLY that and it is all documented in the court files for all to see.

 We then move onto the comparison between John's book and statements made in the past. Notice all those statements they show are whilst he was working for Seaworld and we have heard over and over from many employees that loyalty is demanded from Seaworld not earnt.

Julie Sigman is next up totally ignore the reference to her in Johns' book and the fact that he was pleased Takara was not pregnant, seeing as Trua is in a different park and so is Kohana, but then Seaworld say they don't separate mothers from calves don't they. Yet another lie.

Interesting they then choose to roll out Brad Andrews, the very man who has lied over and over.

During the transaction for Gudrun Brad Andrews repeatedly denied all knowledge if how Kamagowa false killer whales could be traded for Gudrun.
Yet the paperwork and the flight records show not only did he know, he was there and took the flight to Holland WITH them
Brad Andrews again lies about Tilikum. This letter from NOAA shows that Seaworld were already advising Sealand on killer whale care, prior to the birth of Kyuquot, so it isn't a cut and dried, they closed we bought as Seaworld want everyone to believe, otherwise NOAA wouldn't have been in a position to kick Seaworld's butt for this would they?

Brad Andrews - Daniel Dukes
Brad Andrews said -

Not an indicator of aggressive behaviour, and to this day Seaworld still say they don't know what happened. Daniel Dukes, medical examiners report shows a different story, with both pre and post mortem injuries. His genitals were avulsed (pulled off) by Tilikum whilst he was still alive, are you telling me that there would be no splashing or noise when that happened?

The press reporting on the court case from Daniel Dukes parents, also show

Do you believe someone like Brad Andrews doesn't know what went on in that pool?

Then there is this little snippet that Seaworld put forward as 'evidence'

Seaworld are obviously still in the mindset that everyone does as they say, did they not think that people would read all of the quote they found, instead just reading the bit they wanted us too?

Anyone who had researched San Antonio Seaworld prior to the book release would also have come across interviews from Bridgette Pirtle who worked with John and confirmed the trainers increasing frustration at Seaworld spending money on anything other than those orcas.
This one shows how both trainers felt at San Antonio.

In this one she shares the trainers disappointment
This also backs up what John Hargrove has to say.

The last few comments in the video also prove that despite what Seaworld say, not all the trainers on Blackfish were sacked trainers.
ALL of the people commenting say John CHOSE to leave Seaworld, so Seaworld once again debunk their own lies.

Lastly Wendy Rameriz, who was John's room mate and good friend, she lied in her previous video which really hurt John, why did she do that?
A personal low for the former trainer came via his colleague and good friend, Wendy Ramirez. Currently employed by SeaWorld, Ramirez outwardly lied, Hargrove said, when she filmed the video below and accused him of hitting, "his head on the side of a pool jumping into a shallow area." Ramirez then concluded, "it had nothing to do with the animals at all." 

 In direct contention with Ramirez' statement and Kyle Kittleson's  is SeaWorld's own 69-point critique of the 'Blackfish' documentary. "If you look at point 49," Hargrove explained, "SeaWorld writes in the first sentence that my injury 'had nothing whatsoever to do with any whale'. Yet in the next sentence," he added, "they describe me as doing a footpush into a stageslide. Did I jettison myself across the stage?"
Hargrove said SeaWord's final version of how he injured his face occurred during a park-wide employee meeting, held in San Diego in mid-May. An insider informed him that Robbin Sheets, the Assistant Curator at Shamu Stadium, had accused him of performing a dangerous maneuver with a killer whale:
In reality, I was doing the same run that I always did, the only difference was the speed of Corky, which was abnormal in that situation. That's what caused the injury to happen." Hargrove said he was jettisoned, "so abnormally fast by Corky, that it caused another senior trainer I was pre-planned to tackle on stage, to back out out of the way.   This other trainer's own words at the time, were, "you were going way too fast ... there was no way I was going to let you hit me that hard'." Hargrove's injury itself was documented, the former trainer said, but he received no oral or written warning from SeaWorld management: If I had screwed up, it would have been documented in my file. And none of that exists. There is no documentation of anyone ever having a conversation with me over a run that was too dangerous, because it wasn't.

What I find really laughable about this video is Seaworld have chosen all the people who have be proven by official documented evidence to be liars, to call someone a liar.

Great call Seaworld, pick up your toys and put them back in the pram. Liars will NEVER prosper.

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