Thursday 6 March 2014

Orca at San Diego performs with 4 of her babies - definately not. Challenging Seaworld

 Challenging the things Seaworld and their Supporters say - Orca at San Diego performs with 4 of her babies.

Kasatka with Nakai, Kalia and Makani

This comment seems to be repeated over and over and quite angrily too.

'and regarding SW ripping away babies from their mom's, that's pure PETA BULLSHIT.
i was at SW 2 weeks ago and watched a mother orca perform with FOUR of her children. there has been instances where desperation was necessary, such as one young orca was abusive towards his mother, so they separated save the mother's life!!! do research on BOTH sides, don't just read peta propaganda. they lie!'

'as i've said in multiple posts...i was at SW san diego less than 2 weeks ago and a mother orca and FOUR of her babies were in the tank together.again...i believe my own eyes over your bullshit propaganda'

'SW does not take calves from mothers. that is false info. peta propaganda at its finest.'

I have previously dealt with the mothers and calves being separated. See here 

So the next thing is to deal with the San Diego orca's. People can only believe what they are told unless it is proven otherwise.

San Diego Orcas

Corky 2 - was wild caught, had 7 calves none of which are living.

Kasatka - Kasatka is a female orca who lives at SeaWorld San Diego and the mother of 
Takara,  female - was born on July 9th 1991 and was moved to Orlando in April 2004 as discussed in Blackfish. Note John Hargrove mentions no age for Takara and they show a clip of a large whale in the sling, not a small calf, which also blows another one of Seaworld's arguments out of the water.

Nakai,  - male - born Sept 1st 2001 still at San Diego
Kalia- female -  born 21st Dec 2004 still at San Diego
Makani - male - Feb 14th born 2013 still at San Diego

Ulises - wild caught only has one offspring through AI who lives in France

Orkid - has never produced any offspring, her mother was Kandu V who died ramming Corky.

Keet -was born to Kalina, she was moved away when he was 18months old. He suffered from great depression and was comforted by Haida 2. When he was 5 he was moved to San Diego although he never saw his mother again.

Shouka - was born to Sharkan in Marineland Antibes. They were worried she would mate with her father and was sent to Six Flags. She was a good candidate for becoming a mother but no male joined her. Kshamenk was due to join her but that fell through. On Aug 20th 2012 she was transferred to San Diego. She is currently 21 and Seaworld are trying to get her pregnant.

Nakai - male - born Sept 1st 2001. He is currently 12 years old and still at the park.

Ikiaka - male - was moved to Marineland Ontario aged 4 on a breeding loan from Orlando, he was really close to his mother Katina. He got on really well with Athena but when she died he unintentionally harassed Kiska who was mourning her daughter. After 5 years at Marineland Seaworld took them to court and got Ikaika back, he was moved to San Diego. Unfortunately he has not had the best start at San Diego and is often raked by the others.He has however now made friends with Corky, Ulises and Orkid.

Kalia - female - Dec 21st 2004 is still at the park with Kasatka, she is very close to Kasatka and doesn't often leave her side.

Makani - born on Feb 14th 2013, he is still a baby and still with Kasatka.

So as you can see there are not 4 babies with their mother at San Diego. Whatever this person was told or believes is not true. It is not 'Peta Bullshit' but straight fact - No mother at Seaworld San Diego has 4 babies with her.

Hope this helps sort out this argument.


  1. I am not affiliated with Peta, I am just a concerned citizen. I have done my research on Sea World along with other parks around the world. I am not sure why so many of you that are anti Blackfish think it is ok to keep these beautiful animals in tanks to perform. Regardless if you think that the documentary is one sided it still raises awareness to the big picture. By you supporting Sea World you are supporting captivity and animal abuse. The mental abuse these creatures go through is heart breaking. You cannot tell me that you wouldn't go crazy in tiny concrete bathtub only to eat dead fish. By supporting Sea World you also are supporting the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. You should do some homework on that as well. You will see how the two are related. It would be a start in the right direction if SW would stop with the entertainment side of their business and use their resources for other marine research but in the comfort of their environment. With the millions of dollars this company has why not invest in sea pens for the captive mammals? Let these guys feel the current from the ocean and allow them to eat living fish. There is so much good that they can do, but they allow greed to stand in the way. Also I am providing a list of mothers that have had their babies ripped away from them along with some interesting facts. Look it all up, the truth doesn't lie.

  2. CAPTIVE BORN (still alive):
    M - Ikaika - MO - separated from mother at 4 years, 2 months
    F - Kayla - SW - separated from mother at 2 years, 5 months
    M - Keet - SW - separated from mother at 1 year, 8 months
    M - Keto - LP - separated from mother at 3 years, 9 months
    F - Kohana - LP - separated from mother at 3 years, 9 months
    F - Shouka - SF - separated at 9 years
    F - Skyla - LP - separated from mother at 2 years old
    F - Takara - SW - separated from mother at 12 years, 8 months
    M - Tekoa - LP - separated from mother at 3 years, 4 months
    M - Trua - SW - separated from mother when he was 3 years, 2 months
    M - Tuar - SW - separated from mother at 4 years, 10 months
    F - Unna - SW - separated from mother at 6 years

    CAPTIVE BORN (deceased):
    F - Halyn - SW - separated from mother immediately due to mother’s rejection
    F - Kalina - SW - separated from mother at 4 years, 4 mos; reunited at 9 years
    F - Katerina - SW - separated from mother at 2 years, 5 months
    M - Splash - SW - separated from mother at 2 years, 6 months
    M - Sumar - SW - separated from mother at 10 months old
    M - Taku - SW - separated from mother at 13 years, 2 months; died 11 months later
    M - Bingo - KSW - separated at about 2 years
    F - Corky 2 - SW - separated at 3 years (Corky had 2 miscarriages, 1 stillborn birth, and
    4 live calves that died 11 to 48 days after their birth)
    F - Freya - MA - separated at 2 years (Freya had 4 stillborn births and 1 surviving calf)
    F - Kasatka - SW - separated at 1 - 2 years (became the first whale to be artificially
    inseminated in 2000, using Tilikum’s semen)
    F - Katina - SW - separated at 2 - 3 years (1st “successful” mother in captivity with the
    birth of her calf Kalina)
    F - Kiska - MO - separated at 3 years
    M - Kshamenk - MM - separated at about 3 - 4 years
    F - Lolita - MSQ - separated at about 3 - 5 years
    F - Morgan - HD/LP - separated in the wild at 3 years, found alone and captured
    (Morgan’s fate is currently being decided by the courts -
    M - Oscar - KSW - separated at about 1 - 2 years
    F - Stella - KSW - separated at about 1 year
    M - Tilikum - SW - separated at about 2 years
    M - Ulises or Ulysses - SW - separated at 2 - 3 years

    Known stillborn orca births in captivity = 14
    Known orca miscarriages in captivity = 7
    Known deaths of Mom and calf during birth or pregnancy = 6
    156 Orcas have died in captivity ~ 42 Orcas remain in captivity
    Orca families across the world have been torn apart to entertain us ~

  3. Thank you for your truthful information.