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Seaworld Hybrid orcas, no conservation value what so ever

As so many misleading things are being put forward by both Seaworld and their supporters, I thought it wise to correct those issues as they come along, this one being Pro Conservation.

If Seaworld were pro conservation then they would never have created the hybrid's they have in their orca tanks. These prove beyond any shadow of doubt that conservation is the bottom of the list and the shows and keeping people coming through the gate is at the top, otherwise why create a breeding programme which has NO CONSERVATION VALUE WHAT SO EVER. Those hybrids can never go back to the open ocean to preserve the wild populations as they have no equivalent in the wild and that is not what a breeding programme is supposed to be all about.

Katina             -wild caught Icelandic
Tilikum            -wild caught Icelandic

Kayla              -HYBRID - mother  Keanu (Icelandic W) Father Orky 2 (A5 Northern Resident)

Trua               - Icelandic - mother Takara (Icelandic C) Father Taku (Katina, W Tilikum both Icelandic W)

Nalani            - INBRED Icelandic mother Katina (Icelandic ) Father Taku - (Katina, Tilikum both Icelandic)

Malia            - 2nd Generation HYBRID C - mother Taima (Gudrun Icelandic/ Kanduke Transient) Father Tilikum

Makaio         - Icelandic C - mother Katina(Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Corky 2       - Northern Resident wild all 7 calves deceased

Kasatka       -  Icelandic wild

Ulises           -  Icelandic wild caught  1 calf by AI to Wikie in France

Orkid           - HYBRID - mother Kandu V (Icelandic wild) Father Orky 2 (A5 Northern Resident wild)

Keet           - 2nd Ge HYBRID - mother Kalina C (Hybrid KatinaW/WinstonW) Father Kotar (Icelandic)

Shouka        - Icelandic Captive - mother Sharkan (Icelandic wild) Father Kim 2 (Icelandic wild)

Nakai         - Icelandic - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Ikaika         - Icelandic C - mother Katina (Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Takara      -  Icelandic CAPTIVE - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) father Kotar (Icelandic W)
Kalia          - HYBRID - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) father Keet (Hybrid) 

Makani      -  HYBRID - mother Kasatka (Icelandic W) Father Kshamenk (Unknown pod W)

Kyuquot    - Icelandic C - mother Haida 2 (Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Unna         - Icelandic C - mother Katina (Icelandic W) Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Tuar          - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Kalina C(Hybrid Katina/Winston father Tilikum W

Sakari      -  Icelandic - mother Takara,(Icelandic C)  Father Tilikum (Icelandic W)

Kamea    - HYBRID - mother Takara (Icelandic C) Father Kshamenk (unknown pod W)

Skyla      - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Kalina C(Katina I/Winston SR) father Tilikum W

Kohana   - Icelandic C - mother Takara C (Icelandic) Father Tilikum (Icelandic)

Tekoa     - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Taima C(mother Gudrun Icelandic, father Kanduke Transient) Father Tilikum

Keto     - 2nd generation HYBRID C - mother Kalina C(Katina I /Winston SR) father Kotar (Icelandic W)

Adan    - 3rd generation INBRED HYBRID C - mother Kohana (Icelandic C) Father Keto, Hybrid C

Morgan  - wild caught

13 of Seaworld orca's shouldn't be here as Icelandic and Southern/Northern residents and transients would not mate,  1 is a full inbred and one is a product of uncle and niece inbreeding. Even the newest additions to the tanks are Hybrid and Kalia's new baby will be hybrid as she is too.

 In any other institution animals with no conservation value what so ever would end up with a Marius the giraffe situation, despite having to register births and deaths, Seaworld are still allowed to manage their own stud book.

During the recent voice of san diego debate Dr Robeck stated that Seaworld have had 29 successful births, a figure he seems proud of, yet the total number of orcas is only 29, so what does that say about the death rate???

Note there are no Southern Residents left as apart from Lolita those captured by Seaworld in Puget Sound are all dead.

The gene pools in other captive facilities have also now ran out
Japan Kamogawa 
 Lara (f)- Icelandic - mother Stella father Bingo
Lovey (f) - Icelandic - mother Stella (Icelandic) father Bingo (Icelandic)
Luna  (f)- Icelandic - mother Lovey, father Oscar (Icelandic)
Earth (m) - Icelandic - mother Lovey, father Oscar
Gene pool ran out, 2 sisters and Lovey's calves.

Japan Port of Nagoya
Bingo (m) - Icelandic DECEASED AUG 2014
Ran 2 (f) - Icelandic - mother Stella, father Bingo
Rin (f) - Icelandic - mother Stella, father Bingo
Stella (f) - Icelandic
Gene pool ran out - mother, father and 2 daughters

Marineland Antibes
Freya (f) - Icelandic
Inouk (m)- Icelandic mother Sharkan(Icelandic) Father Kim 2 (Icelandic)
Moana(m) - Icelandic - mother Wikie (Icelandic) Father Ulises (Icelandic)
Valentin (m) - Icelandic - mother Freya (Icelandic) Father Kim 2 (Icelandic)
Wikie(f) - Icelandic - mother Sharkan (Icelandic) Father Kim 2 (Icelandic)
Wikie Calf - Icelandic INBRED - mother Wikie (Icelandic) Father Valentin (Icelandic)
Gene pool ran out - Freya too old, Inouk and Wikie, brother and sister, Valentin and Wikie same father, Moana Wikie, mother and son.

Marineland Ontario
Kiska (f) - Icelandic

Mundo Marino
Kshamenk (m) - unknown pod captured Argentina

Miami Seaquarium
Lolita (f)  - Southern Resident

There seems to be to some connection between the Hybrid orca's and the rate of attacks.
 Both Orkid and Kayla are Hybrid their attack rates are shocking 
1992 Sea World Ohio, USA Kayla
3-year-old female Kayla pushed a trainer back toward pool during training.
1996/07/20 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
7-year-old female Kayla split to slide out during the show after a non-bridged behaviour. At that time, a guest tried to touch her and she thrashed her head from side to side with her mouth open. No injury occurred.
1999/08/16 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
10-year-old female Kayla became aggressive with a trainer during a waterwork sequence in the show after several behaviours without reinforcement, in combination with social problems between Kayla and adult female Winnie
2003 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
14-year-old female Kayla had refused multiple separations prior to the show opening. She proceeded to perform abnormally high bows on a fast swim cue, came back and received an LRS(* see below), performed another set of bows on the fast swim. She was then asked for a line up, tactile was applied and she lined up with a slight lean. As the trainer backed over the wall, she then came out of the line up towards him with her mouth open. No contact was made. She then performed a head bobbing behaviour and split to the front pool. After several minutes staff attempted control and they were able to separate her to the back pool to continue the show.
October 2003 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
After the opening segment of a show, 15-year-old female Kayla refused to separate into the back pool for the ballet. She had been holding under control in the back during the "trainer intro", began dipping her head under the surface, and then became "big-eyed". It was decided then not to use her for waterwork during that show. She then refused separations to the back pool in a variety of contexts. During attempts to separate any of the animals for the show, she fluke splashed a trainer, and later motioned her head (mouth open) towards a trainer's hand. No injury occurred.
Summer 2004 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
During a night show, 15-year-old female Kayla had performed the first two songs of the show acceptably, and then did two ventral squirt bow cues. She responded well to both LRS (* see below) that occurred, and then received a primary reinforcement for the second LRS. She was then asked for a fluke splash to the back, and then asked to separate to the back pool. During the separation attempt, she lunged at her trainer, although no contact occurred. After several minutes, she separated into the back pool, allowing the show to continue.
October 2006 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
After performing a sequence in the show, 17-year-old female Kayla was in the stage slide out with her trainer receiving secondary reinforcement. As the trainer attempted to point her back in the water, Kayla lunged at thim with her mouth open, contacting him and throwing him several feet
November 2006 Sea World Texas, USA Kayla
After performing a med pool separation well, 17-year-old female Kayla was receiving various secondary reinforcers while the gate closed when she pulled away from the wall. She was asked to come back to control, which she did. After a whistle bridge, the trainer went to feed her. Kayla lunged at her, knocking a bucket off the wall.

Orkid has been artificially inseminated many times, but (so far) has not gotten pregnant yet. Only the most senior trainers are to work with her, as she has shown aggression toward trainers in the past, she has quite a shocking attack history for a young orca.
1990/04/21 Sea World California, USA Orkid
1-year-old female Orkid bumped a trainer’s head.
1994/10/23 Sea World California, USA Orkid
6-year-old female Orkid bumped a trainer’s thigh
1996/01/25 Sea World California, USA Orkid
7-year-old female Orkid opened her mouth at a trainer and mouthed a trainer’s thigh.
1996/02/09 Sea World California, USA Orkid
7-year-old female Orkid bumped a trainer’s thigh, bumped a trainer’s body and fluked a trainer
1996/07/03 Sea World California, USA Orkid
7-year-old female Orkid pushed a trainer.
1996/11/22 Sea World California, USA Orkid
8-year-old female Orkid head popped a trainer’s arm.
1997/11/15 Sea World California, USA Orkid
9-year-old female Orkid bumped a trainer’s hip.
1998/06/23 Sea World California, USA Orkid
9-year-old female Orkid pushed a kayak with a trainer around.
1998/07/16 Sea World California, USA Orkid
9-year-old female Orkid was performing a hydro-hop behaviour during a night show. The trainer accidentally hit her tail flukes with his hand upon his re-entry and she responded by hitting him in the stomach with her head. She responded to a stage call calmly.
2002/07/31 Sea World California, USA Orkid
13-year-old female Orkid was given the opportunity to rehearse pulling a trainer into the water by her bootie (sic!). After placing a foot in Orkid’s mouth several times Orkid pulled the trainer in the water and pulled the bootie off.
2002/08/07 Sea World California, USA Splash, Orkid
A female SeaWorld trainer was hospitalized and recovering from a broken arm after an incident at Shamu Stadium on Wednesday. The 28-year-old Tamaree was doing poolside training with 12-year-old male Splash and 13-year-old female Orkid. “She was playing with the whales, talking to them,” said SeaWorld spokeswoman Darla Davis. “The next thing we know, as it appears from the video, she was pulled into the water.” The park has its own video from a pool camera, and it also reviewed a video taken by a visitor who was recording his children nearby. Park officials said the trainer swam out of the water on her own. She was taken to a local hospital, where a pin was put in her arm. Doctors also are monitoring scrapes for possible infection.
2004/05/17 Sea World California, USA Orkid
15-year-old female Orkid bumped a trainer’s thigh
2005/04/14 Sea World California, USA Orkid
During a two whale – one trainer interaction, 16-year-old female Orkid initially responded to a stage call but quickly reached back and pulled a trainer by her ankle to the bottom of “A” pool. Orkid responded to the call back tone.
2005/05/06 Sea World California, USA Orkid
16-year-old female Orkid grabbed a trainer’s foot and dunked the trainer.
2006/11/15 Sea World California, USA Orkid
A SeaWorld trainer was injured, when 18-year-old female Orkid grabbed senior trainer Brian Rokeach by the leg, pulled him to the bottom of the pool and held him under water for about 26 seconds. Orkid released Rokeach after Peters repeatedly slapped the water, the signal for the animals to return to the front of the Shamu Stadium stage. Rokeach suffered a torn ankle ligament but was not hospitalized. In response to the incident, SeaWorld increased to five the number of trainers who must be available during live performances and other times when trainers are in the water with the whales.
2007/04/10 Sea World California, USA Orkid
18-year-old female Orkid was doing an Artificial Insemination session. She had been a bit vocal but was asked for the roll over behaviour for an ultrasound. The trainer then asked Orkid to perform a slide-out behaviour. She refused this behaviour and then swiped her head making contact with the trainer which resulted in the trainer falling over the wall. She did perform the slide-out behaviour after this. The 35-year-old trainer was taken to a hospital for examination and was found to have suffered minor injuries after the bump from the 5,900-pound whale.
104 2010 Orkid
21-year-old female Orkid has been sliding out in various slide-out areas on her free time which has resulted in possibly dangerous scenarios for guests at the Dine with Shamu area. Changes are (were?) being made to the areas to help decrease the frequency of this behaviour in areas where person might be injured.
Orkid has been attacking people since she was one year old. Judging by the stats above Tilikum is far from being the most dangerous whale.She can be seen taking the trainers foot on the film Blackfish.

Malia has seizures

Kalia is a very dominant orca. She will often rake the more submissive orcas, especially Ulises and Ikaika. She is the dominant orca's calf so she can get away with more and has a higher rank in the pod though Kasatka will discipline her if she wants too.
She has never shown aggression towards her trainers but was stopped from doing waterworks because of her dominant nature

Keet is very submissive and bullied terrible by the others his skin is covered in deep rakes.

Tuar is particularly dominant for a male orca.

Keto violently killed his trainer - 
The autopsy report on Martínez was telling and states bluntly that his was a “violent death.” It describes multiple cuts and bruises, the collapse of both lungs, fractures of the ribs and sternum, a lacerated liver, severely damaged vital organs, and puncture marks “consistent with the teeth of an orca.” It concludes that the immediate cause of death was fluid in the lungs (i.e., drowning) but that the fundamental cause was “mechanical asphyxiation due to compression and crushing of the thoracic abdomen with injuries to the vital organs.” In other words, at some point Keto probably slammed into Martínez with such force that he caved in his chest

Skyla  often shows her dominance towards the other orcas. She has also been involved in incidents with trainers and was stopped from performing waterworks.
In the spring of 2009, during a public show, 5-year-old female Skyla started pushing her trainer around the pool and up against the pool wall. Shortly thereafter, special protocols (limits on water work and a mandate that only senior trainers work with her) 

 Tekoa - A trainer at the Loro Parque theme park on Tenerife is in hospital after she was injured this weekend during a training session with 6-year-old male Tekoa at the centre in Puerto de la Cruz. The Canarias 7 newspaper says the incident happened at the pre-show warm up on Saturday, when the orca crashed into the trainer, injuring her right lung and breaking her forearm in two places. She was rescued by two colleagues after the marine mammal dragged her down to the bottom of the pool. The trainer is now said to be stable after surgery on Saturday. Later it becomes know that the injured trainer is 29-year-old biologist Claudia Vollhardt from Germany, who has worked at the park since 2003. OME News write that it was a male orca that hit the trainer and dragged her down after the impact. Then that same animal grabbed the trainer by the arm and brought her back up to the surface.

Of the 4 orca sent to Loro Parque, 3 were hybrid (Icelandic/Resident mixes) 1, Kohana is Icelandic. the only animal the Loro Parque trainers can work with is Kohana.

 Adan, Makani and Kamea are also Hybrid, so have Seaworld made a huge mistake in breeding this orca's like this?  I personally think they have and 3 more are now growing up, for the trainers sake lets hope they don't follow the other Hybrids.

The experiment in my opinion had failed miserably and the breeding programme needs to be stopped as the only way forward is to constantly AI the orca's and for what, to keep the captive pool full.

If they were releasing and rehabilitating and stabilizing the wild population then fair enough, but the ONLY reason they are breeding is to provide more animals for the show.

 It is time they concentrated on what they profess to be specialist in, rescue, rehabilitation and release and start showing the world what they are capable of by working with other scientists and getting these poor creatures out of the tanks. They have more than served their time.

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