Thursday 23 October 2014

Poor conditions for Narnia in Russia

Whales in tanks - After 10 months the police found the killer whales at ENEA has reported today that Narnia and her companion are indeed languishing in the concrete horrors in Russia. 

10 months in a row two cylindrical structures located behind the pavilion "Electrification" at ENEA, were shrouded in secrecy and obscurity. It was rumored that inside tanks are languishing giant whales orca ("killer whales"), which was brought to the aquarium is being built, and the guards of the exhibition, as well as its visitors allegedly periodically hear horrific sounds of killer whales and a splash of water. Tanks covered inflatable hangar without any plates, which further raises doubts in others.

 As a 5-foot whales (orcas reach 10 m) can be placed in close rusty tanks intended more for fuel storage, and even in a year? It's actually alive immuring ?!
Moreover, that interviews with officials of very high rank, talks about preparing for the opening of the Aquarium in 2015, completely denied all these rumors. Like, closer to the opening of the oceanarium will bring up two killer whales from the Far East, wait ...
And the answer to the press service of the exhibition (if VVC) on request of the journalist "MK" about the purpose of the hangar also reassured the public: "This is a temporary structure (hangar) serves engineering and communication VVC during their repair and reconstruction." Everything loud and clear - the hangar serves technical purposes.
And the public was quite relieved, if not one "inconsistencies" with Internet retained several publications newspapers local destination, which reported that orcas December 2, 2013 by a special flight "Vladivostok-Krasnoyarsk-Moscow" after a 10 hour flight with a stop in Krasnoyarsk were delivered the territory of VVC!
Putting all the facts Center animal rights "VITA" sent a statement to the police department for servicing VVC ATC SVAO demanding an extra check on the output range of the hangar, and - in case of killer whales in tanks - bring those responsible for this, to put it mildly, "unethical" animal welfare, persons under Art. 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "On the ill-treatment of animals."
Answer ATC issued by the Centre "VITA" in 10 days, set the record straight "and" - killer whales there.  

However, the criminal case is denied. Due to "lack of evidence of criminal offense." "All right, fine marquis!". Other answer Center animal rights "VITA", in fact, did not expect ... "We would hope - says the president of the Center for Protection of Animal Rights" VITA "Irina Novozhilova - that people will hear about this terrible price that paid for the love of animals person to entertainment, and next time think twice before buying a ticket to the aquarium or dolphin. 
For comments on the situation with killer whales at ENEA Centre for the Protection of Animal Rights "VITA" addressed to leading experts in the Russian Federation on marine mammals:
Alexander Burdin, Director of Far East research project on killer whales (FEROP - Russian Orca) , Doctor of Biological Sciences:
"Stayed killer whales in these conditions is absolutely normal. This is the worst thing that could come up with ... It's like that put a man in a barrel of water for a long time, as a frogman.
I just can say that we in Russia are no conditions for keeping orcas in captivity is not. Killer whale - a very large animal, it needs constant movement, she lives in the open ocean, it is very social. Orcas need to communicate with each other, otherwise they run wild, become irritable, aggressive, leading to tragic cases: they kill coaches, it has been repeatedly.
Crime, in my view, to keep them in such conditions, it's just ... animal abuse. It is necessary now to show and tell people that do not need to look at them in captivity, and to punish for such an attitude. "
Gregory Tsidulko, a biologist, a member of the Marine Mammal Council, director of the Russian Antarctic Mission Alliance (Antarctic Ocean Alliance):
"Many countries are now, in principle, refused on the content of cetaceans in captivity, not to mention the large cetaceans, such as the killer whale, and it was done for several reasons, the main of which - the impossibility of keeping them in captivity at least in any adequate conditions.
In Russia the situation is threatening, we continued the active capture of marine mammals, including cetaceans, despite the fact that for about two decades, there were no accounting to estimate abundance of these populations. Certification of this type of activity was abolished by the decree of the RF Government Decree and now anyone can somehow buy sea lions, bottlenose dolphin, killer whale, beluga and keep it at home in the bath. This situation is outrageous! And it is terrible that continue to be issued quotas, despite the fact that in the absence of data on the status of wild populations, we did not know what effect they may have. In particular, killer whales are very complex social organization, and the catch of certain animals over a long period may come back to haunt the fact that some populations may be on the verge of extinction or disappearing. For example, there was a population of killer whales in the Gulf of Alaska, the population of southern resident killer whales in the American national legislation was recognized as threatened or trapped on the brink of extinction as a result of the fact that they are actively exploited here for such purposes.
Deal more that catches do not occur in view of the scientific approach and a uniform distribution of withdrawal of these animals, and occur where orcas comfortable catch. As a result, certain populations, certain groups, family clans of killer whales are at a sufficiently serious pressure. So much for such a formal point of view, in terms of legislation. If you look at it from the point of view of humanity, from the point of view of human normal approach to communicate with animals, there is also a lot can. For example, the fact that the killer whales swim in a day is very long distances, depending on whether it is piscivorous feeding killer whale or other marine mammals - up to 150 km. Of course, to create normal conditions for killer whales in captivity, in principle, impossible. As it is known, is now continuing the trial of a loud «Sea World» in America. This is the most striking example of how progressive humanity refers to the content of cetaceans in captivity. The problem is also in the fact that the killer whale pull out of the family at the age of two or three years of children, if we translate into human analogy. Because of these whales is easiest to catch, they are easiest to adapt to captivity, they are best trained to at this age. And you actually sees two-three-year child of the family, carry it somewhere far away and keep it in some kind of a small cage. In the context of a concrete pool, killer whales, communicating by means of ultrasound, themselves stun reflection of sound signals from the walls of the pool. For example, it is known that the behavior of killer whales is mightier than I, when during the performances Visitors started cheering loudly. Big synchronous aplodirovanie group of people about 50-100 or more people actually stun killer whales that are in the pool and under water.
Technology now taken these animals in the wild is so changed that we are much bigger and better able to learn and show their children these animals in the wild in their natural habitat. And do not take them - I mean children - in the aquarium , where the animal taken out of the family, often one that's contained in such appalling conditions. I think it's just inhumane, and in fact under the guise that aquariums conduct environmental education, many hosts and organizers of such events say that we give children the opportunity to interact with the animals, which they can not always be seen in nature. In my opinion - this is a very strong cunning when it comes to decent terms. In fact, we teach children with early childhood that if we want to deny the pleasure of some beautiful, freedom-loving animals will for pleasure, then yes, we can do it. And then we can talk about what the moral and ethical guidelines we bring up children here such displays, by organizations such as aquariums, dolphins and other parks where animals, particularly marine mammals held in captivity. In Russia is actively developing ecotourism and I, in particular, I know two or three places where you can quite easily go and see killer whales in nature, to go to sea on a boat and look at the very natural environment when orcas travel big family. This can be done on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and if advance trouble ticketing, the ticket to Kamchatka there and back costs about 15 thousand rubles. This is not the small amount of money, of course, for many Russians, but not the biggest. After all, even if they wanted to, even if there are a large amount of funds - and the content of a killer whale in a pool such as in «Sea World», in which the killer whale can at least some of the lengths of their bodies to swim in a straight line - it is very, very expensive. In Russia, there are no such facilities. As none of the dolphinarium, which would be used for the maintenance of cetaceans. It's all or some pools of Olympic reserve, or do some school pools or any inflatable mobile facilities, bathrooms, and still stand for something. Basically, to create normal conditions for keeping orcas in captivity is not possible. And do not need, they must live in a natural environment. "

Shame on Russia for allowing this, those poor orca must be going out of their minds. Why couldn't they leave them were? Or at worst leave them here? 


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