Friday 21 November 2014

Incident Numbers at Parks who have held Killer Whales

 Incidents between orcas and trainers since the parks opened make one park stand out as having a problem.
4 people have died and they are all from the same park and their orcas.
It is also interesting that Loro Parque holds Seaworld's orcas and is the newest park to open. Since its opening in 2006, it has already had 4 incidents and one death caused by Keto a born and bred Seaworld orca.

Of 138 recorded incidents across the parks, 95 have happened at Seaworld.

Seaworld supporters and Seaworld often say that it is nothing as there have been thousands of interactions but, there have also been thousands of interactions at the other parks and from those who are still open, Kamogawa have only had  2 incidents and still do waterworks and Marineland Antibes have only had 4 incidents. Neither of those parks have had any deaths due to orca interactions either.

Seaworld also state that they have happy contented orcas living idyllic lives, but the figures below show a different story. It seems a strange coincidence, that Kamogawa has a matraline of Icelandic orcas, with Stella as the matriarch all naturally bred.  Antibes also has Icelandic orcas with Freya as the matriarch, all barring the last being naturally bred,  none have been separated from their mothers, none have been mixed as a fake family unable to make a bond before being moved again, and none are hybrid mixes.
Maybe Seaworld moving orcas around the parks, separating mothers from their offspring, AIing young orcas and creating hybrid mixes with no conservation value what so ever needs looking into more in depth as there is some reason for the attack rate being so high at Seaworld and maybe the way they have been with their orcas is the reason, and as apex predators, their orcas are protesting in the only way an apex predator knows how.

Dudley Zoo, England                                 1971-1974                         1
Flamingo Park, England                             1968-1971                         1
Hafnarfjordur Aquarium, Iceland                1979-1989                         1
Kamogawa Sea World, Japan                     1970-                                2
Loro Parque Tenerife, Spain                       2006-                                4   1 death
Marine World California / Six Flags Vallejo, USA 1968-                       5
Marineland Antibes, France                        1969-                                4
Marineland of the Pacific, USA                  1961; 1967-1987                3
Marineland Ontario, Canada                       1971-                                2
Miami Seaquarium, USA                           1968-                                 7
Nanki Shirahama Adventure World, Japan  1978-2005                          1
New York Aquarium, USA                        1968                                  1
Port of Nagoya Aquarium, Japan               2003-                                 1
Reino Aventura, Mexico                           1985-1996                           2
Sealand of the Pacific, Canada                  1968-1992                          4   1 death
Seattle Aquarium, USA                             1965-1977                          1
SeaWorld San Diego, USA                       1965-                                55
SeaWorld Orlando, USA                          1973-                                18   2 deaths
SeaWorld Ohio, USA                               1970-2001                          1
SeaWorld San Antonio, USA                    1988-                               14
SeaWorld unspecified park, USA     -                                                 3
Seven Seas Texas, USA                          1971-1972                           2
unknown     -                                                                                     1
Vancouver Aquarium, USA                      1964-2001                          3
Windsor Safari Park, England                  1970-1991                           1

The autopsy reports for the 4 people killed by orcas in the tanks also show a different story to those given, especially that of Daniel Dukes, which shows he did not die of hypothermia, he had more pre death injuries than post death and there were no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Keltie Byrne killed by Tilikum, Haida 2 and Nootka 

Daniel Dukes killed by Tilikum

Alexis Martinez killed by Keto     Dawn Brancheau killed by Tilikum

                                                          Alexis Martinez report

                                                   Dawn Brancheau autopsy report

Something is wrong with keeping orcas in captivity, they can't speak for themselves, they can only show people in the only way they know how. It is time to empty the tanks as they can't speak any louder than they are doing and the figures above prove that theory.

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